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How to Create a Persona for Website Marketing That Produces Results!

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When Google stopped reporting keyword data in Google Analytics (AKA not provided) for organic search traffic back in 2013 it had a substantial effect on business owners and digital marketers. How would we be able to properly optimize and target our websites to acquire the right search traffic if we didn’t know what search terms were referring visitors? Digital marketing by nature is a field that requires constant adaptation and [...]

3 Ways to Leverage Existing Data into Highly Sharable Custom Content

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With the abundance of content online the values of originality and education are of increasing importance. One of the best ways to create such content is with original data or presents existing data in a new way. Custom content that presents original, quantitative data is shared at a higher rate than other forms of content. The reason for this is simple - it’s quotable. Publications can easily create their own [...]