Penrose PT is a team of orthopedic physical therapy specialists committed to providing patients with comprehensive care aimed at getting you back to full mobility as quickly, and effectively as possible. Through therapy sessions, online resources, classes and community outreach they focus on patient education to maintain, and strengthen bodies for a lifetime.

Project Includes


The marketing goals for the Penrose PT website were three-fold:

1.      Attract a consistent stream of new patients through local search engine results.

2.     Improve education for current and prospective patients with a revamped online patient resources center and regular newsletter.

3.     Convert traffic by showcasing the unique selling points of the clinic, its staff, and the services it provides.


The core foundation of project success centered on targeting three unique patient personas:

1. Pain Management
People seeking relief from chronic pain issues brought on by workplace or lifestyle stresses.

2. Rehabilitation
People who have recently suffered an injury or undergone surgery, who are slightly more informed in what they are looking for from a physical therapy clinic.

3. Niche Groups
Niche groups that Penrose PT is uniquely qualified to provide therapy for, including amputees, retirees and runners.

Building on these 3 persona types Sayenko Design created a content strategy that aimed at both attracting and educating each group.


One of the selling points was their focus on personalized care. This was highlighted by the inclusion of a team page, which brought out the personal side of the staff. Each employee was given a bio that showed imagery of them both in a professional setting and (when hovered over) a glimpse of them outside of workplace.

Visitors are able to see the personal side of the Penrose team, whether they’re a die hard Seahawks fan, outdoor fanatic, or a rock star guitarist. When combined with the value points and core beliefs also found on this page, patients know that Penrose is more than PT by the numbers.


It’s great to talk about your services, but to truly drive home their benefits it helps to include personal stories of successful treatment. We added dynamic testimonials to the homepage and service pages that link to an in-depth success stories page.


The new website for Penrose PT is not only more visually appealing and personal, but also has improved UX and architecture for capturing conversions. A strong call to action was placed on key pages and reinforced by lead generation tools, online cashflow payment capability, and a streamlined CMS for uploading new content as the company grows.


“It was great learning from the Penrose team what made them stand out from the many other small-medium size therapy groups in their region. With this background we were able to speak to their commitment to provide lasting health solutions for their patients. I took satisfaction in knowing that the website and strategy we provided would help Penrose PT in bettering the lives of their patients and community.”

~ Nick Nielson, Strategist

“The design needed to paint the picture of a warm, friendly, team environment that brings people together. The site was really tied together to communicate the overarching theme with various content types such as success stories, resources, how to articles, services, and about us pages.”

~ Mike Sayenko, UI/ UX Designer

“I really enjoyed creating Penrose PT. The site was set up for easy administrative management with a custom backend page editor. The design was built with mobile first in mind, and a fluid layout that adjusts to the user’s screen. We added nice usability elements such as sticky header, lightbox bios, forms, and videos. The site was a fun one for us to help a local business that helps people with all sort of pain problems back on their feet.”

~ Robert Parker, Full Stack Developer


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