Power Systems Consulting (PSC) is an independent global provider of planning, delivery, and support to the electricity industry. Their business is split between hands-on engineering labor services and higher-level advisory services in HVDC, power networks, and more. Even though they handle some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world, their site didn’t have a world-class look. And when you’re going up against global consultancies and major engineering vendors, you need to give your clients confidence from the get-go. Sayenko Design stepped in to project PSC’s reputation of “Helping Utilities Power the World.”


Here’s how we helped PSC make this transformation a total success.

1. Reinforce credibility & increase brand awareness

2. Generate business & recruiting leads

3. Support growth of 15% per year over the next 5 years

4. Increase ratio of consultancy leads vs. labor supply

5. Optimize for mobile devices


The foundation of project success centered on targeting four unique personas:

1. Need a Hand
Need a Hand represents your labor supply customer. They are staffing up for delivery or support of their system, and being price conscious, are comparing numerous IT consultancies to get the best value. They will be concerned with pricing, speed, and capabilities.

2. Upgraders
 They’re seeking advisory services in planning and execution of projects they’re uncertain of, and the main hurdle is helping them understand the value provided by using PSC specialists from project start to finish, compared with the common practice of swapping out junior/offshore resources that other firms do.

3. Researchers
The other main customer that PSC helps are far higher up in the process of a project, just testing feasibility and pilot projects. We provided them with a content discovery journey through blogs, white papers, and more, proving PSC’s thought leadership. That way, they’d believe in the company’s abilities on unproven ventures.

4. Partners
PSC also supplements larger consultancies and vendors by supplying their specialists. We gave them a breadcrumb trail of information proving that PSC crew would help them in a pinch and stay on budget.


With big budgets and long term projects on the line, PSC’s customers need absolute trust before hiring a firm. We structured an About page that delved into “Who” with full PSC leadership bios, “What” with their mission and vision, and “Why” with their Values. Any visitor who got that far would know by then whether they liked this team.


We helped PSC pivot their website’s focus to many new in-depth pages on their consultancy, which are easy to filter so leads can quickly locate relevant information. Each page discusses the planning, delivery, support model, and cross-sells between them once a visitor is there.


The final part of the customer journey for most of the personas is some proof, which is where these case studies came in. We helped PSC show that they were on time, on budget, every time. It also gave them a chance to name drop the larger firms they’ve helped, like GE, which lends instant credibility.


PSC is only as good as its team members. Sourcing quality team players, experts and thought leaders is an important part of the website objective. We created a robust careers application system with the ability to filter by job function and location, helping candidates quickly get to the right jobs. All submissions are collected on the back-end for easy HR management.


We helped upgraders, labor supply customer, researchers, and partners make data-driven decisions, build an emotional connection with inspirational content, and move through the marketing funnel.


“It’s always a fun challenge helping a client sort its desired customers from its less valuable ones, without fully cutting them off. The amount and depth of the old site’s content required a lot of thought to organize, which meant really pushing a robust strategy to keep it easy to navigate. And the PSC team was great to work with.”

~ Nik Amar, Strategist

“The emphasis on left brain right brain fusion during the design phase really needed to come out. Marrying the emotional connecting of the right brain type and in-depth content for the left brain A-type personality. The design needed to be modern and forward-thinking but not too edgy. These were very interesting challenges to tackle.”

~ Mike Sayenko, UI/ UX Designer

“I really enjoyed how all the data is being organized, the informational architecture between the different custom post types. The quality testing had to be buttoned down because of the global reach and various stakeholders. As a people person I had fun providing the website training.”

~ Kyle Rumble, WordPress Developer



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