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What Top Web Design Companies Have in Common

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In any industry, there are always trends people seem to follow. When there are new innovative developments people will be drawn to them and they’ll start implementing these new changes into their businesses. It’s the same thing with web design. There are traditional features that web design companies follow and then there will be new trends that seems to create more traffic to your website. While expert web design companies [...]

2015 Web Design Trends

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The web design industry is constantly trending towards modernity - enhancing online interactions, streamlining layouts, and improving the way information is presented to users. These 2015 web design trends are always important to stay on top of, both for web designers and digital marketers, as well as business owners. Since web design is a visual media, we’ve created an infographic to help illustrate the data and dynamics of our top [...]

Don’t Make Me Think, How to Communicate Effectively on the Web

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When it comes to web design, you want your website to be an effective communicator, correct? That means having your information clear and precise. The statement “Don’t make me think” refers to your website structure and how easily and quickly your audience draws needed information from your site. This should be a simple process for your audience or they may get impatient and leave, or get the wrong impression about your site.

Why Use CSS (Cascading style sheet)?

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A while back a potential client asked me, "Why should I use CSS?" I realized at that moment that while those of us who work with HTML and CSS on a daily basis are intimately familiar with the benefits, many are not. If you are one of those not aware of the full benefits of CSS this article will help you understand why so many people are switching to CSS.