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A marketing strategy provides a solid foundation for any good website. Whether your goal is to increase brand recognition, generate business leads, sell products or attract new visitors, a website strategy will serve as your roadmap, establishing how success will be measured and defining how content will serve to convert customers and grow your online presence.

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Web Strategy Process

You’ve probably heard the expression that ‘content is king’. It’s a phrase that circulates throughout the world of online marketing. However, more important than simply producing content is aligning content to match your business goals. Whether that goal is to increase brand recognition, inform readers or attract new visitors, content serves as a crucial step in converting customers and growing an online presence. A comprehensive content strategy will help take your content to its full potential – leveraging for growth and integrating with other aspects of your business (including offline). 73% of online users get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. See our in-depth user experience web design principles article that guides our strategy.

Website Strategy Step 1 Seattle

1. Website Strategy Doc

Business Objectives

Competitor Research

Target User Profiles

Content Strategy

Conversion Strategy

SEO Link-Building Opportunities

Keyword Research Step 2 Seattle

2. Keyword Research

Monthly Search Volume

Where to Target On-Site

Organic Competition

Keyword Value

SERP relevant


3. Optimizing User Experience

Information Architecture

Structuring & Organizing Content

Map Content Based on User Needs

Strong Call to Action

Intuitive Navigation


Each content strategy that we develop accomplishes five main objectives:

  • Understanding what is unique about your business and how best to communicate that knowledge to your target audience.

  • Determining your primary competitors and analyzing their content strategy for insights.

  • Developing a methodology that matches content assets to each level of the sales funnel, in order to guide customers towards conversions.

  • Identifying the top influencers and websites to collaborate with in order to gain exposure that has tangible value.

  • Outlining the process from content ideation and creation all the way through to promotion and conversion.

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