How to Write an RFP for Website Design in 2020 (w Template Sample)

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9 min Read How to Write an RFP for Website Design in 2020 (w Template Sample) by Mike Sayenko Writing a request for proposal (RFP) may seem like a simple task. You’re presenting an opportunity for new business to agencies, and choosing from the responses that best match your goals and restrictions. They should be [...]

WordPress Development: Custom WordPress Theme vs Premium Theme

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The Difference Between Custom WordPress Theme vs Premium Theme Since first coming online in 2003, WordPress has grown from a simple and easy-to-use blogging platform into the most recognized and widely used open-source website builders and CMS (content management system). The simplicity of WordPress lies in its WYSIWYG builder and templated modular design. WYSIWYG stands for ‘what you see is what you get’. This format for [...]

What Top Web Design Companies Have in Common

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In any industry, there are always trends people seem to follow. When there are new innovative developments people will be drawn to them and they’ll start implementing these new changes into their businesses. It’s the same thing with web design. There are traditional features that web design companies follow and then there will be new trends that seems to create more traffic to your website. While expert web design companies [...]

Sayenko Design is a Global Web Design Leader and a Clutch 1000 Firm!

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Sayenko Design is a Global Web Design Leader and a Clutch 1000 Firm! The future is now, leading to the development of technologies formerly only possible in the realm of imagination. Technological advances have drastically changed the interactions between businesses and clients. To simply adapt to these changes is necessary to remain relevant. But the hallmark of a great business is the ability to leverage these developments to propel themselves [...]

Long Tail Keyword Research – Convert More with Helpful Content

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What are Long Tail Keywords and How to Find Them If you’ve spent any amount of time in the keyword research trenches, you’ve likely heard of the elusive ‘long tail keyword’. These are the phrases that don’t typically have high search volume, but are much more relevant to a specific action. People who search these terms aren’t looking for a wikipedia article, they are looking for specific answers and solutions. [...]

How to Create a Persona for Website Marketing That Produces Results!

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When Google stopped reporting keyword data in Google Analytics (AKA not provided) for organic search traffic back in 2013 it had a substantial effect on business owners and digital marketers. How would we be able to properly optimize and target our websites to acquire the right search traffic if we didn’t know what search terms were referring visitors? Digital marketing by nature is a field that requires constant adaptation and [...]

How to Boost Website Conversions By Optimizing Lead Generation Form

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Why Conversion Tracking is Important Conversion tracking is essential for any website - ecommerce, informational, media, non-profit or otherwise. As an experience, website should directing visitors to an ultimate goal. Most often this is towards a purchase or lead, but in other cases it could even be about improving branding or just having fun. All of these goals are measurable through analytics and tracking the actions of users onsite. Goals are [...]

3 Ways to Leverage Existing Data into Highly Sharable Custom Content

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With the abundance of content online the values of originality and education are of increasing importance. One of the best ways to create such content is with original data or presents existing data in a new way. Custom content that presents original, quantitative data is shared at a higher rate than other forms of content. The reason for this is simple - it’s quotable. Publications can easily create their own [...]

4 Elements Small Businesses Forget About in Local SEO

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For small businesses, appearance in local search can have a profound impact on revenue and growth. The strength of local SEO, the major factor behind local search rankings, plays a large role in that appearance. Gaining a top ranking takes some investment (particularly in a competitive niche or region), but by making sure the basics are in place, you’ll be setting the foundation for future success. The following 4 elements [...]

6 Must Have WordPress Plugins

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We have been designing WordPress websites for six years. Over time we figured out the 6 must have WordPress Plugins. These will attract more users, enhance your conversions, and hopefully lead to more customers. Contact Form 7 Very beautiful form that we love to use. A form is a must to help convert users into customers! Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. [...]