Concerned About Website Vulnerability?

WordPress is an open source platform, which demands for constant security testing and updates. At Sayenko Design, all we do is WordPress. We’ve developed, secured and provided maintenance services for well over 400 websites. Trust in our robust security processes to protect you from malicious hacking, security vulnerabilities, data loss, and website downtime. Our aim is to provide peace of mind so that you can focus on what’s most important – building your business!

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Seattle Web Design
Seattle Web Design

Benefits Of Our Managed Maintenance

Web Development

Monthly Software Updates

Peace of Mind Support with critical software updates performed monthly by our development team on a staging environment. Also, if your site goes down for ANY reason (even client error), we will work diligently to restore full functionality – no questions asked. You won’t find this type of protection with any standard web host. We are there for you when it matters most!

Web Hosting Company Free Backups

Daily Backups

Crashing, hacks, or broken pages due to error are not only be frustrating, they can severely affect your bottom line. Few web hosts take any backups at all — resulting in losing the site and/or content. We take full backups daily and will restore your site FREE of charge.

Website Hosting SSL Security

SSL Security

SSL makes your website secure by preventing man-in-the middle hacking. As the new standard for web security, SSL implementation is preferred by Google and can provide a boost to both search rankings and the amount of referral data presented in Google Analytics.

Web Server Crash

No More Crashes

Have you ever considered the impact of website downtime on revenue or business leads? Most website hosting companies have a limitation on the amount of traffic your website can handle. With Sayenko Design your website will never crash because of limited server resources.

WordPress fastest server

Lightning Fast Speed

Many website hosting services use what are known as shared hosting environments. Often times this type of setup is not designed for WordPress — resulting in long web page load times and frustrated users. Not so with Sayenko Design. We are able take your site speed to new levels with multi-cluster, high-speed hardware featuring in-RAM caching with a 99.99% uptime.

WordPress Hosting Company

24/7 Security Monitoring

We provide cutting-edge scanning technology that monitors your WordPress website 24/7. This software automatically detects and removes malware and other damaging viruses. Any suspicious server requests get blocked, leaving no back doors open for hackers!

WordPress Website Maintenance

The Ultimate WordPress Website Maintenance Plan (with Checklist)

In this article on WordPress website maintenance and updates we’re going to break down the different maintenance tasks you should perform on your website based on how often you should perform each task. Even if you’re just starting out with WordPress, you’ll have a roadmap to help you keep your website in good working order.

Does Your Website Recieve Quality Traffic?

An underperforming website is costing you thousands of dollars in lost opportunity. Let’s drive qualified leads to your website, find out how.

Typical Project Includes

We’d be happy to take you through our discovery process, present our recommended solution, take you through our processes, introduce our team and show you some in-depth client reviews. According to Clutch, we’ve been selected #2 web design firm in Seattle.

See our Processes on web design, website strategy, and web development.

Secure Maintenance Projects