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Mike Sayenko

About Mike Sayenko

I try to add value to local businesses by blogging about relevant topics to help with website results and online marketing. I also blog about the latest graphic design trends. If you would like me to touch on a subject, please leave us a comment below. I would love to help! We are a Seattle Web Design company with a focus on results through smart strategic marketing.

Sayenko Design Featured as Top Seattle Web Design Firm

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Our blog posts typically contain tips, tricks or advice for your web design and development needs. However, today we wanted to share some great news for Sayenko Design. We are pleased to announce that we have been ranked second in the top ten web designers in Seattle by Clutch research.

Clutch is a research firm based in […]

2015 Web Design Trends

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The web design industry is constantly trending towards modernity – enhancing online interactions, streamlining layouts, and improving the way information is presented to users. These 2015 web design trends are always important to stay on top of, both for web designers and digital marketers, as well as business owners. Since web design is a visual […]

Why is Blogging Weekly Important? Blogging Strategy For Web 2.0

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In a previous article we went over Blogging Basics. Now we switch our focus to the importance of weekly blogging. Blogging is about sharing your interests, desires, and experiences with others. Your blog is the central hub from which you share those experiences with others. A blog could also be thought of as your article or news section of your website. Since, you want to share this information with as many people as possible, your blog should be visible on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Graphic design trends going into 2012

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Here at Sayenko Design I always try to keep with the current graphic design trends, as any designer should. Through the years, design trends shift, just as fashion, interior design, or any other commodity that is heavily used by the consumer does. I wanted to highlight the top seven trends for 2011 and we’ll likely see in the next few years.

Should I build my website in Adobe Flash or HTML?

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A question I often get from perspective clients is: “should I build my website in Adobe Flash?” To answer this question lets look at the cost vs. benefit of an all/ partial built flash website. Benefits of a Flash Site: Slick Look Able to animate just about anything Strong potential for great looking portfolio Excellent presentation piece Attractive for Splash Pages (home page) Great for applications that might be used on your website

CMS tools, what is it? Do you need it?

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If your similar to most people you have never heard of a Content Management System, short for CMS. This is critical to the success of almost every website, and yet many businesses and organizations are not familiar with this technology. A good question always comes up as we talk with potential clients on the subject.

Why Use CSS (Cascading style sheet)?

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A while back a potential client asked me, "Why should I use CSS?" I realized at that moment that while those of us who work with HTML and CSS on a daily basis are intimately familiar with the benefits, many are not. If you are one of those not aware of the full benefits of CSS this article will help you understand why so many people are switching to CSS.

Online Videos to Rule in 2010

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With a new decade in place, here at Sayenko Design we foresee lots of creative online video trends developing. The top prediction for 2010 from Nielson Wire, an Internet source for market research and trend analysis, is that businesses will embrace online video (social videos).

Be social, join us!

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We are becoming more social every day and figured it was time to join the frenzy. Check out our latest project, article, or just be social. These social networking sites help us keep closer contact with you, helping us interact instantly. “If I have something to say, I open up. Including a full range of tweets so people get to know me as a person,” said Mike Sayenko. Life is all about relationships, join us and all the fun on Twitter and Facebook.

Blogging Basics

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With tens of millions of blogs out on the web, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. This article discusses some basic blogging strategies that will help you break through the clutter. 1. Take a look at other Blogging sites Get familiarized with other blogging sites. This sounds very basic, but many people confuse corporate blogging with advertising and PR. Blogging is not a platform for advertising your products and services. These sort of blogs usually fail. Think of blogging as a social experience – real people share their personal experiences and engage others in interesting and thoughtful conversation by adding value to the reader.

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