All-Inclusive Approach To SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of online success for any business – what good is it to have an awesome website if no one can find it?

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Search Engine Marketing Services Process

SEO is all about helping people find what they are looking for online. For businesses, this means that customers should easily find, and be exposed to, your products, services, and brand when searching for solutions online. By optimizing your website for both users and search engines, you can increase both the quantity and quality of incoming traffic, and turn queries into conversions. We’re more than a one trick pony, our web design agency is a full service solutions.

1. Research

Website Audit

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Blog SEO Content Strategy

2. Non-Techincal SEO Implementation

Information Architecture

SEO Copywriting

Image Alt Text

Video SEO Metadata/ Transcript

3. Technical SEO Implementation

Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

Google Structured Data

301 Redirects

SEO Plugin for Easy Optimization

Google Analytics Configuration

Site Accessibility

Organic SEO Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis should be the first step in any online marketing campaign. After learning more about your company, and researching your niche and that of your competitors, we determine how best to target potential customers through on-site keyword usage and overall site structure. We prioritize keywords and work them in naturally with on-site copy to create a website that is pleasing to both users and search engines.

  • Get higher organic search rankings and increased web traffic by optimizing your on-site SEO copywriting web content.

  • Increase website conversion with qualified traffic. Your content will speak to your prospective clients because it will be more relevant to what they are looking for. Look for an increased return on investment (ROI).

  • Insights into marketing trends and customer behavior – things change and keeping up with trends and popularity is important

  • Proper positioning with keywords that have the biggest impact on your bottom line will help you maximize your time and money with impactful keywords

  • Discover more in-depth long tail keywords (keywords that are very specific). They help drill down customers that are looking for exactly what you are offering. For example: If you’re a company that develops websites, the chances are that your pages are never going to appear near the top of an organic search for “Website development” because it’s simply too competitive. This is especially true if you are a startup or a small business. But if you specialize, for example, in WordPress web development in the Seattle metro area, using keywords such as “WordPress web developer in Seattle” will produce high quality leads.

SEO Copywriting

Whether it be online or off, content is king! Don’t overlook your website content. Without good content users will simply leave your website, even worse they won’t find you in search engines if not optimized properly. Keyword stuffing is not the answer, you want copy that flows well, speak to your target market, and uses the best SEO practices.

  • We will help you determine the best keywords to use based on an in-depth keyword analysis.

  • Content strategy is developed based on customer feedback, keyword research, and page conversion goals. To achieve effective and compelling content we must survey your customers or target market and find out what speaks to their individual buying decisions.

  • Content strategy involves copy that identifies the users pains and problems and offers a solution that speaks about benefits rather than services, and has a dramatically different call to action.

  • We make sure each page is optimized properly. This includes the URL, title, images with an alt tag that has your keyword, keyword density of 3-5% in the body of the page. Spreading out H1, H2, H3 tags on your pages. Your keywords should appear in the first paragraph and your last sentence of the page. Along with all that, you should have internal links to a page on your website.

Sayenko Design Google Partner

Sayenko Design is a fully AdWords certified firm and part of the Google Partners™ program. We are experts in advanced Google AdWords support and online marketing strategies!

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SEO Resources

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Website design rfp template

SEO Services Process

Learn about Sayenko’s end-to-end SEO services process.

Website design rfp template
Website design rfp template

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Website design rfp template

Ready to craft your own RFP?

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Website design rfp template
Website design rfp template

How Much Does a Website Cost? (w. Cost Calculator)

A full breakdown of website costs, and what you’ll get for the money at your budget. Learn from an experienced agency just how much a new site costs. Includes a website cost calculator!

SEO Services Tips

  • long tail keyword research

Long Tail Keyword Research – Convert More with Helpful Content

[4min Read]If you’ve spent any amount of time in the keyword research trenches, you’ve likely heard of the elusive ‘long tail keyword’. These are the phrases that don’t typically have high search volume, but are much more relevant to a specific action. People who search these terms aren’t looking for a wikipedia article, they are looking for specific answers and solutions.

Is your Website Hard to Update? Does it Perform Well?

Let’s make your sure your site not only looks good and functions well but is also a joy to update.

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Partner with Us

Since 2009, the Sayenko Design team has been creating custom sites built in WordPress. You only get experts from web strategists, designers to web developers, each team member has 8+ years of experience. How many firms can say that?

Partner with Us

Since 2009, the Sayenko Design team has been creating custom sites built in WordPress. You only get experts from web strategists, designers to web developers, each team member has 8+ years of experience. How many firms can say that?