Wider Circle is restoring grace and respect to aging by creating hyperlocal engaged communities of neighbors all supporting and taking care of one another. With the unique programing and approach Wider Circle offers, Medicaid and Medicare recipients get the care they deserve—they seek more preventative, assist each other with transportation and other social determinants, and are more satisfied with their health plans and life in general—which all reduces costs on insurers while improving quality outcomes and member retentions. Having spread to communities in 3 states and counting, Wider Circle is reaching a wider audience.

Project Includes

Website Goals

1. Improve the branding and messaging
2. Overhaul the UX to cater to different audiences
3. Increase engagement through better storytelling
4. Build SEO practice for increased organic reach
5. Improve ease-of-use with responsive design
6. Meet WCAG accessibility standards
7. Make the site low maintenance for non-technical teams

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Website Strategy

The foundation of project success centered on targeting four distinct personas:

Heather represents all the sub persons who are interested in bringing costs down while improving member satisfaction, compliance concerns and/or quality outcomes for Medicare and Medicaid enrollees in their customer base. Between that and a passion for the mission that truly gets to the heart of solving the last mile of healthcare, or a desire for good PR, making Heather’s path through the site easy and informative will go a long way to getting her to contact the right person to learn more about how the program will help achieve her organization’s goals.
Penny represents the personas working with healthcare providers who take on the outcomes risk, and actually provide care at the end level for the other personas. Penny’s organization is contracted with the payors that WC members are insured through. Penny is concerned with improving quality of life, SDoH, and health outcomes of the patients under her organization’s care. Provide information about how WC programming can help with all these goals with data to back it up, and she’ll be filling in contact forms so that her organization can begin referring patients to or contract directly with Wider Circle.
Martin represents all Medicare-member personas, who want to improve their health and take full advantage of their plan for a long and healthy rest of their lives. Martin typically has a lot of questions, which is why it’s good to direct him to FAQs and member story videos where he can “see others just like him” that make him feel more comfortable. Depending on his sub-persona, he might be very hesitant and not believe in the value of a social circle, or may not be strong in English and be mistrustful of his health plan. If we can provide culturally, emotionally and logically appealing information along his journey, we can likely establish that first step of trust and get him to sign up and learn more about Wider Circle communities.
Mary represents all Medicaid-member personas, who are generally struggling and need help. On the younger side, her grasp of technology is good, and it is possible she will come in through the blog as a result of Google searches about relevant topics she searches for when looking for help. Tie blogs into the relevant program pages and help inspire her with stories of what Wider Circle can do for her family, and she’ll be ready to join and improve her situation.

Targeting Perspective Members with Modern Health Care Web Design

These pages contain specific content for each of the major personas, outlining and selling the features and benefits of the programs. They all have the goal of capturing leads. Wider Circle’s programs are proven to work, and that confidence should come through in the copy. Indecisiveness or self-effacing language will just get waved away. “We’re proud of our track record—communities with Wider Circle are healthier and better connected, without the need to throw massive budgets at them.”

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Recruiting with Join Our Team Page

At Wider Circle the team is on a mission to connect neighbors for better health, and they’re looking for equally passionate colleagues across the country to help! A mission-critical conversion page on the website with Workable job board integration.

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Speak to Healthcare Providers & Health Plans

Providers take on the outcomes risk and actually provide care at the end level for the other personas. Providers are contracted with the payors that WC members are insured through. This is a mission-critical page to refer members with compelling infographic impact numbers, animated “how it works” wheel and how the programs address key business challenges for providers and health plans.

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The Results

We helped the many personas find the information they’re looking for quickly to become partners, members, and employees.

Old Wider Circle web design New Wider Circle Website Design

A Word from the Team

Nik Ramar Wordpress Developer Sayenko Design

“By starting with strategy and paring down unruly content, we were able to improve the user flow and conversion of this site dramatically. Between that and thorough SEO, their digital footprint is vastly improved.”

~ Nik Amar, Strategist

mike sayenko design

“Wider Circle deeply cares about optimal UX and this made for a great website. It was a joy implementing WCAG accessibility standards into the design, feedback from their target audience with user testing, and unique visual language that stands out from their competitors.”

~ Mike Sayenko, UI/ UX Designer

Kyle Rumble Wordpress Developer Sayenko Design

“The quality assurance was thorough taking into account the Gtranslate (multilingual translation), dynamic phone numbers based on geotargeting, and website training. We hope that we’ve really empowered the Wider Circle team to quickly and easily be able to manage their content.”

~ Kyle Rumble, WordPress Developer

More Case Studies

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