Project Description


Defined Crowd provides high-quality enterprise training data to fuel AI applications and initiatives. They use both crowdsourced human data and proprietary machine learning algorithms to create the best possible data sets. Their fully-customizable workflows in speech, natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision are designed to help companies develop better AI while saving time from gathering and scrubbing data, allowing them to reach their business goals quickly with guaranteed results.  

Project Includes


1. Communicate the value proposition quickly
2. Inspire crowd members from Neevo to participate
3. Qualify and capture lead information
4. Showcase marketing resources
5. Increase SEO ranking for ML and AI industry terms


The foundation of this project’s success centered on targeting four unique personas:

1. Data Scientists
The core users use the platform to enhance their existing data or completely outsource data collection to make their jobs easier and their projects more competitive. They’re seeking evidence of efficacy, strong use cases, and something to prove worthy of any budget.

2. Decision Makers
The second level audience is focused on vision, and wants to see use cases that reflect what their division is currently working on, and what they might work on in the future so they can determine future value adds. They want to learn about who DC is to see if its trustworthy, and who else has worked with them.

3. Investors
Investors are interested in the potential of new technologies, and the company’s past and future growth. They need to understand the market share DC currently has, and come to believe in future growth through things like blog posts and research.

4. Job Seekers
Job Seekers are the engineers, coders, and designers who are interested in
future-facing careers with you. They want to be excited about the products and technology they might work on, and easily find career pages so they can start sending in resumes.


With a tech-focused company like Defined Crowd, a big part of the website is proving expertise in the field and enticing leads with great resources. We put their resource center front and center, packed to the brim with success stories, white papers, videos, and blog posts optimized for SEO. And with all these resources, we integrated a lead capture form to their Salesforce system for simple marketing automation.


Their tech is powerful, and its applications are limitless. We helped focus their content into concrete use cases that help data scientists make a case for adoption to their bosses, and help decision makers understand how they can disrupt their industry using the tech. Each case is presented cleanly with exciting stats and specific benefits laid out concisely. And each is capped off with a list of success stories attached to exciting Fortune 500 companies that visitors know and respect.


At the bleeding edge of machine learning and AI tech, opportunities and talent is tough to lock down. We crafted an enticing and frictionless journey through their About, Solutions, and Career pages to excite the world’s best engineers, coders, and designers about what they could achieve.



We helped Data Scientists, Decision Makers, Job Seekers and Investors all see and believe in Defined Crowd’s vision and capabilities with a simple yet dynamic site that gives them just enough information to want to keep digging further. Using smooth animated touch points, short impactful copy, and a design scheme that’s easy on the eyes, their lead funnel will stay filled and qualified.



“It’s always exciting to work on projects for companies that are really pushing the boundaries. What DC’s solutions enable countless other companies to do makes me believe that devices, cars, homes, jobs, everything is going to get a lot smarter, very soon.”

~ Nik Amar, Strategist

“DC’s challenge is to be a market leader in the AI space. The site needed to reflect this with high end touch points, interactions, and design treatments. Considering the various stakeholders and audiences was equally important. The end product was a cutting edge website with a high-end user experience. The site needed extra love and time to smooth out all the details. It’s rewarding to see the fruit of your labor finally launched.”

~ Mike Sayenko, UI/ UX Designer

“Lots of great lessons and things I learned and grew as a developer as part of this enterprise level WordPress website build. I enjoyed stepping the clients through the website training and getting everything in order for the site launch.”

~ Kyle Rumble, WordPress Developer



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