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At Sayenko Design, we create powerful engineering and construction websites by combining proven web design Seattle tactics with longstanding WordPress web development expertise. The goal for any construction firm’s site is to make sales’ job easier with well-built marketing. How do they do that? By attracting new clients, building trust and credibility, and highlighting key projects and case studies. All to do one thing—generate leads and close sales.

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Develop Personas to Drive Conversations

Whatever kind of construction you specialize in, there are a number of different types of visitors who come to your site, all looking for unique kinds of information. For example, if you’re building houses, you could be catering to both individual buyers and major developers who want to create subdivisions. Research each persona and anticipate their questions to help create paths towards the final goal—filling in lead forms.

Sell Construction Leads with Essential Content

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1. Concise Service Pages

First things first—tell leads what you do! Service pages should be clear and value driven. This content is at the interest level of the marketing funnel. Many construction websites have difficulty with these, due to bloated pages with long bulleted lists, or not providing enough context to understand their offering.

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2. Who You Are

Why should they work with you? Construction businesses are usually built to run on referrals, but when it comes to cold leads they often make the mistake of having sites that come off as impersonal. Remember, people like to know who’s behind the company they hire. Headshots, group pictures, professional photography is a must!

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3. Lead Generation

Lead generation for construction firms should be intuitive, encouraging, and provide options. It’s a good idea to use various forms, such as Get a Quote, Contact Us, and Free Consultation. This is where sales meets marketing, by enticing leads to identify themselves. Good forms provide the ability to test your messaging, alter the amount of details required, and pre-qualify your leads.

Highlight Your Most Solid Projects

This content is at the evaluation stage of the marketing funnel, and it’s critical in building trust and credibility. Make sure to use high-quality photography in any professional construction website. Prospective clients want to see who your clients are, what challenges you helped them overcome, the goals you helped them meet, and the kind of outcome they can expect for themselves.

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Build Your Local SEO Presence

Make sure your crew enters the consideration set well in advance of buying decisions by showing up when customers search for your services in Google. Some of the best ways to do that are to maintain a large amount of relevant content on your construction website, like through a blog, or detailed FAQ pages that prove you know your stuff. Another great way to boost SEO is to solicit positive reviews from customers on social media sites and especially Google My Business, which can help put your site on the (Google) map.

Provide a Strong Call to Action

Prospective clients usually come to your site with 4 major questions in mind, which must be answered quickly. They are:

1. Who do you serve—Commercial, Residential, or both? 2. Do you service my area?
3. Do you do a good job? 4. Why should I choose you?

Many construction sites fail to answer these effectively. But if you answer them well and then follow it up with a strong call to action, you can expect to get a call to your sales team shortly.

Test Your Website for Quality Control

A construction website is just like any project—you need to make sure it all works properly, and that the intended users understand how to use it to. A good web developer will help you set up user and usability testing during each phase of the project, to make sure that completely random test subjects can understand and use the site. Errors are caught and decisions are made with empirical data, so your site always performs.

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