Position Your Tech Company

Technology websites should answer your target audience’s key questions the moment they land on the page.. They could be data scientists, software engineers, decision makers, job seekers or even investors. The overarching message that should be presented to visitors of a technology site is that your organization is forward-thinking, capable not only of dreaming up futuristic projects but delivering on them too.  The voice should inspire both all audiences to imagine what’s next, spurring imaginations with bold language and demonstrating expertise with the right technical terms. And always position the company in terms of how it can grow—in technology both employees and investors are thinking about tomorrow more than today.

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Show off the Humans Behind Your Tech on About Pages

About Pages get the second highest amount of traffic on most sites, after the homepage—it’s an important place to gain your audience’s trust and confidence during the first few visits to the site. Use it to communicate who your leadership and staff are, and what the company’s vision, mission, and values are. Demonstrate thought leadership in your sector of tech to convince Decision Makers to stick around, too.

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Drive Interest in Your Technology Solutions

These are the pages that describe your core offerings. They should go into fairly deep detail about the challenges you solve, and focus on benefits such as ROI, time saved, and efficiency. If you have any proprietary tech, standout process, or unique combination of features in comparison to the other guys, this is the place to share it. Build social proof for future clients with relevant case studies attached to the biggest players you’ve helped. Visitors reading this content usually end up here from the homepage, and will use it to validate whether you have what they need to keep moving through the funnel.

Above the fold

“Why should I care?”
“What challenge does it solve?”
“Who’s it for?”

In the Body

“How will it impact our business?”
“How does it work?”
“Why should I trust you?”

At the Bottom

“What’s next?”
“How do I get started?”

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Answer Visitor Questions Their Way

Often the greatest challenge a technology website faces is explaining what everything does, without front loading too much engineer-speak for the non technical buyers. Include functions like a search bar and a persistent chatbot so that a visitor can recenter themselves any time they get confused. These types of alternative navigation features are becoming common on websites, so as a tech company you can’t afford to be left behind on it.

Master Your Niche with SEO Best Practices

Whether you’re trying to pull in the best engineering talent, new investors for funding, or enterprise end users, it pays to have your technology website easy to discover. By engaging in search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, you can rank better on Google in your niche. It’s best if you can conduct keyword research to find the most searched terms in the industry, so you can focus on writing content that uses those terms.

Keep Engineers Tuned in with a Resource Center

Any technology company that wants to be taken seriously keeps a library of documentation, both technical and marketing focused. Build yours with ebooks, whitepapers, reports, and other high-value lead magnet content, all accessible in an easy-to-browse library. Each document should be robust and easily categorized, with unique blog posts and email campaigns that lead to it, encouraging signups on lead capture forms. You might also feature particular new documents on the homepage, letting every visitor know that you’re taking content marketing seriously. While the core audience for these are the Data Scientists and Researchers, you might also keep sales-sheets that get to the bottom line ROI for Decision Makers.

Prove Results with Powerful Case Studies

These cases are your portfolio, qualifying you to your visitors and proving (hopefully with well-sourced figures) the kind of results you’re promising. It is also a place to reveal some of your most prominent clients, which grants instant credibility and intrigue. Structure your studies as a whole “Who What Why and How” story that’s backed up by numbers and demonstrates a real accomplishment of either technological breakthrough, impressive implementation, or outstanding customer service. Videos and customer testimonials can make them feel even more real to your audience.

Test Your Design and Copy for Laypeople

Partner with a technology website developer that can put each phase of your project to the test, literally. User and usability testing provide countless insights to help catch confusing elements early on, backed up with real data. If a completely random test participant can figure out how to get around your website, then your target audience will be able to as well.

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“The thing I’d like to highlight is the personalized touch and the level of understanding that Sayenko Design puts into the project. Just in terms of working with them, much of what we do is very much a matter of trust.”

~ Michael Susi, Director, Global Wellness at Linkedin

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Since 2009, the Seattle based Sayenko Design team has been creating custom sites built in WordPress. You only get experts from web strategists, designers to web developers, each team member has 8+ years of experience. How many firms can say that?

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Partner with Us

Since 2009, the Seattle based Sayenko Design team has been creating custom sites built in WordPress. You only get experts from web strategists, designers to web developers, each team member has 8+ years of experience. How many firms can say that?