Mike Sayenko

Owner and Chief Designer

In the digital domain, where design merges seamlessly with strategic growth, one name stands out distinctly – Mike Sayenko. Driven by a fervor for propelling businesses to newfound success via smart web design, Mike’s decade-long journey in this field is colored by strategic innovation and an unrivaled commitment to delivering real business value. 

Over this impressive span, Mike has etched his mark on the digital landscape by successfully designing and building over 500 websites. Yet, his expertise doesn’t stop at simply building a site; his unique ability to mold each web design into a conversion machine sets him apart. Whether it’s catalyzing online sales, generating leads, promoting content, or beyond, Mike’s signature design approach has continuously fostered growth for countless businesses. 

Among his myriad achievements, Mike’s enduring partnership with LinkedIn’s ‘Wellness Program’ shines particularly bright. He redefined the initiative by conceiving several micro-sites, crafting a plethora of graphic designs, and building an interactive website for metabolic testing. He didn’t stop there, extending his creative touch to the conception of an online incentive rewards portal, an integrated event calendar, apparel design, and even promotional collateral. 

Mike’s prowess isn’t just limited to major companies; he’s worked his magic with over a dozen small businesses, propelling their revenue upwards through astute website optimization and strategic ad spend reduction. His work with integrating online applications like email marketing, newsletter sign-ups, and CRM’s has demonstrated his keen eye for maximizing lead generation while nurturing existing customer relationships. 

His capabilities extend into the intricate world of CMS, regularly implementing streamlined systems to automate business processes and refresh outdated data sources. His specialties are as broad as they are deep, extending from wireframes, UI/UX design, custom web design, WordPress development, to graphic design, branding, and integrated marketing strategy. 

Mike Sayenko is not just a designer; he’s an innovator and strategist, a custodian of growth for businesses big and small, and above all, an architect of digital success. With each project, he continues to redefine the boundaries of design and marketing, shaping a brighter, more efficient digital future. 

Mike Sayenko Professional Web Design