Pre-Discovery Call/Email

“I’d like to set up a time so we can discuss the project. The purpose of the call is to learn more about your company, what your needs are, and how we might be able to help you out. It will be a relatively short call. I’m going to set aside 30 minutes but it’s typically 15-20 minutes long. After the call, I’ll be able to determine if we can help you and are the best fit.”

Beginning of Discovery Phase

“The purpose of this meeting is for me to gather information about your project and what you’re looking for. I’ll ask about 10-12 questions and then we’ll reserve some time at the end for you to ask me any questions. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. After this meeting, I’ll take the information and put together a formal proposal for you, assuming we’re a good fit.”

End of Call –> Up Front Contract (add to calendar invite below msg)

“As the next step, I’ll put together a recommended solutions proposal and we’ll set up a time to review the proposal together. During this next meeting, I’ll review your challenges, goals, our process, timeline, pricing and project deliverables.

ATTENTION: If you’re just price shopping around and aren’t ready for Sayenko to spend 2 hours of their time putting together a proposal for you please let us know ASAP. We would be glad to just give you a rough ballpark number. 

The meeting typically takes around 60 minutes and we can review the proposal over a screen sharing tool. Ideally, the people who are involved in the decision making process for this project should attend this meeting.”