9 min Read

The Ultimate WordPress Website Maintenance Plan (with Checklist)

9 min Read

The Ultimate WordPress Website Maintenance Plan (with Checklist)

Mike Sayenko

American author H.L. Menkin famously wrote, “for every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

This is definitely applicable to WordPress website maintenance! While using a Content Management System like WordPress cuts down on the expertise needed to manage a website, websites are still incredibly complex.

Yet many of the self-proclaimed guru internet marketers love to shout out platitudes like “it’s so easy,” “it’s so simple,” and “it will only take you a few months,” knowing that statements like these play on people’s basic desires. You don’t hear much about the difficulty involved in owning and maintaining a website from them, do you?

But the fact remains that maintaining your WordPress site involves a certain level of knowledge and skill.

What’s our point?

In this article on WordPress website maintenance and updates we’re going to break down the different maintenance tasks you should perform on your website based on how often you should perform each task. Even if you’re just starting out with WordPress, you’ll have a roadmap to help you keep your website in good working order.

And for the agency owner, WordPress developer, or those running larger WordPress sites, we’ve included some pro tips as well.

wordpress vs. squarespace content management

By the end of the article, you’ll know the WordPress maintenance tasks you absolutely need to complete on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, as well as the tasks that will improve your site’s performance and make it more professional.  You don’t have to be a coding expert, but you do have to understand some basic principles.

If you’re a business owner, by the end of this article you’ll be able to assess whether you want to take on this task yourself or within your company, or entrust your WordPress website maintenance to a professional that specializes in WordPress maintenance services.

And as a special bonus, we’re giving out a free WordPress maintenance checklist, so definitely keep reading to the end.  We don’t want you to have to make the same mistakes we did in the past as we were learning WordPress.  It’s much better to be cool and collected in your WordPress maintenance activities than to learn by pure stress and agony. Let’s make sure that a broken or hacked site never happens to you!

In this guide we’ll cover:

WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Download Our Free WordPress Maintenance Checklist!

Do all of these WordPress maintenance tasks sound overwhelming to you? To make life easier, we’ve organized all our advice into a handy downloadable checklist which you can use over and over again! Download this beast of a checklist, print it out if you like, and update your WordPress site like a pro.