Sayenko Design is a Vancouver web design company focused on building high-quality websites for small businesses. We are located in Surrey, just 40 kilometers south of Vancouver BC area. Vancouver has an amazing, thriving and active culture, with great parks and activities such as Stanley Park, Granville Island and Vancouver Seawall. Making a living and doing business here is a real joy!

Vancouver is well known for its tech and innovation, so we want to make sure that your business stands out from the crowd. We work with companies in education, technology, software, health & wellness, real estate, home services, and e-commerce space.

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Choosing The Right Vancouver Web Design Agency

Schedule Your Consultation Today! Some things to think about before a web design discovery call. What are your high-level goals? Is it lead generation, brand awareness, reduce customer service calls, generate sales, or something else? What are some of your challenges? For example, your website doesn’t show up in Vancouver organic search results. Who is your target audience? These main questions will help with making for a productive call.

Our Vancouver Web Design Process

Our approach is a unique three-phased process. This is different than the typical web design company in Vancouver that takes your content and shovels it into a website template. Phase 1 is website strategy, where we focus on informational architecture, target users, conversion goals, keyword analysis for SEO, wireframes and content writing. Our content strategy focuses on the “less is more” approach. If you think of the average site user, they spend 2-4 minutes on a given website, which isn’t a whole lot of time to capture their attention. The homepage is more or less an elevator pitch, you have about 30 seconds to catch their eye. So we focus on short, concise, value-driven messaging throughout the website. As users don’t like to read long-winded sections, but rather scan content until they see what they’re interested in.

We determine the mission-critical pages and wireframe those pages. Mission critical pages are those that are critical to the conversion. For example, if you’re a Vancouver plumbing business focused on generating business leads, the mission-critical pages might be the homepage, services, why us, reviews and contact us. These pages provide the user with enough information to make an informed decision to reach out or not.

Phase 2 is web design, where we take the wireframed pages and turn them into high fidelity mockups. Starting out with presenting 2-3 homepage concepts with different design directions. Once finalized we move onto designing the internal pages.

Phase 3 is WordPress development, where we take the designed pages and turn them into a functional custom WordPress theme. We’ll provide a demo to the client once its ready and schedule a site-specific training. We’ll also do quality control testing so you don’t have to, when we provide the demo it’s a polished product. We’ll test in all the different browsers and different devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile. From there once the client is ready we go live and provide any additional support. Typically we provide WordPress website maintenance performing critical monthly software updates to WordPress, plugins and make sure its compatible with your theme all on a developer environment. Once everything has been tested we push the update to the live site.

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