Why are headers so important?

The header is the first impression of your website. First impressions mean everything in the digital world. Why should someone spend time on your website? Give them a reason.

Your header should have a purpose. It should reflect the theme and content of your website.  Think of a good book or a magazine cover.  Without quality design and style, you wouldn’t give it a second look.  The header is the cover of your website.

What makes a good header?

First, a logo placed in the left corner.  Our eyes scan pages from left to right, which means your logo will be the first thing the user sees. You want people to remember your Brand.

Typically the logo is clickable – linking back to your home page. This is becoming standard for header design.

Make it easy to find your contact information. Usually an email address and/or phone number is placed on the opposite side of the header. This is also becoming standardized, especially with e-commerce websites.

Not all headers need to have pictures. Sometimes less is more. Words can stick with a reader more than an image.

The average header is less than 200 pixels high, but headers do range from slim to half a page. Remember – the reason people come on your site is for information. If the header is a barrier for that information, people may leave your site.

Some final things to think about while making your design: sometimes less is more.  Cluttered headers are distracting. Your header should invite visitors in. Think overall Branding of your site and how its tied into your header.  Most importantly – have a purpose to the design, whether you use an image, text or both.