User Experience Design Principles for Websites

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[7 min Read] There are websites for everything, from hobbies and personal journals to discussions and stores—but at the end of the day, the main reason for most websites’ existence is to drum up business leads or generate money.

How to Write an RFP for Website Design in 2020 (w Template Sample)

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[9 min Read] How to Write an RFP for Website Design in 2020 (w Template Sample) by Mike Sayenko Writing a request for proposal (RFP) may seem like a simple task. You’re presenting an opportunity for new business to agencies, and choosing from the responses that best match your goals and restrictions. They should be

How Good Web Design Helps You to Build Your Brand

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[3 min Read] Most people don’t realize how established their business can become if they utilize a quality designed website. Since we live in a digital age the only way to make your company consistently visible is by creating online content for your target market to see.

WordPress in 2020: Custom WordPress Theme vs Template

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[12 min Read] The Difference Between Custom WordPress Theme vs Premium Theme by Nick Nielson Since first coming online in 2003, WordPress has grown from a simple and easy-to-use blogging platform into the most recognized and widely used open-source website builders and CMS (content management system).

What Top Web Design Companies Have in Common

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[4 min Read] In any industry, there are always trends people seem to follow. When there are new innovative developments people will be drawn to them and they’ll start implementing these new changes into their businesses. It’s the same thing with web design.

Don’t Make Me Think, How to Communicate Effectively on the Web

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When it comes to web design, you want your website to be an effective communicator, correct? That means having your information clear and precise. The statement “Don’t make me think” refers to your website structure and how easily and quickly your audience draws needed information from your site. This should be a simple process for your audience or they may get impatient and leave, or get the wrong impression about your site.

More than an image: Web design with strategy

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Whether you are planning on designing your very own website or you are a seasoned web development professional looking to design for the first time, you must understand the purpose and use of your website design. If this step isn't taken, you will end up with a mediocre website that does not communicate well with your target audience. At Sayenko Design, we want to make sure you meet the goals of your audience while showcasing an aesthetically pleasing website design customized to your taste. It is crucial to understand the process before getting your hands dirty in code and design.

2015 Web Design Trends

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[2 min Read] 2015 Web Design Trends by Mike Sayenko The web design industry is constantly trending towards modernity - enhancing online interactions, streamlining layouts, and improving the way information is presented to users. These 2015 web design trends are always important to stay on top of, both for web designers and