We use the waterfall approach based on years of experience. Your project includes 3 phases: Strategy, Design, and WordPress Development. Once a phase is completed we move on to the next phase.

You will have a dedicated project manager, a point of reference for anything you need. They will assist with the organization of the project, answer questions, identify project risks, sending updates, adjusting project timeline, identify change orders, and quality control.

We utilize the following tools for project management:

  • Client Portal – it’s our project management tool where everything lives – all tasks, milestones, documentation, messages, links to documents, and uploaded assets such as logos and images.
  • Design Preview – allowing for a review of wireframes and mockups in the web browser. You will be able to validate the user experience by performing specific tasks. Lastly, you are able to comment on any element on any page for collaboration and edit requests.
  • Google Drive – Docs & Sheets – used to deliver strategy documents such as the website strategy document, keyword analysis, copywriting, etc.