How do you optimize a WordPress website for SEO?

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Absolutely, we realize that even if your website doesn't need "new" traffic you want to make sure your site doesn't drop in rankings with the new site launch. We offer a comprehensive approach no matter your goal. We take care of the following items: Informational architecture - SEO optimized Keyword research - focused on organic search Blog SEO content strategy - guidelines, topics & headings, recommended articles to write SEO [...]

What’s the correct project management process for a website project?

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We use the waterfall approach based on years of experience. Your project includes 3 phases: Strategy, Design, and WordPress Development. Once a phase is completed we move on to the next phase. You will have a dedicated project manager, a point of reference for anything you need. They will assist with the organization of the project, answer questions, identify project risks, sending updates, adjusting project timeline, identify change orders, [...]

How many website pages do you typically custom design?

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We design mission-critical website pages, typically 4-12. The pages that are critical to the conversion point, moving the user down the marketing funnel from the awareness stage (Homepage, Blog, Resources), to interest (About Us, Services/ Products) to consideration (Case Studies/ Projects, Why Us?, Clients/ Reviews), interest/ evaluation (Contact Us), and purchase for ecommerce (Cart Checkout).