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Gold Medal B2B Website Design: Best Practices and Examples to Dominate Your Vertical

Matt Sheeks

by Matt Sheeks

12 min Read

Gold Medal B2B Website Design: Best Practices and Examples to Dominate Your Vertical

Matt Sheeks

by Matt Sheeks

How can we compare the difficulty and patience required for successful B2B website design to the sporting world?

As a leading web design agency in Seattle, we will explain using clients’ examples…

One example is when Olympic Gold Medalist and 1-hour record holder Chris Boardman shocked the cycling world with the following remark:

“I don’t particularly enjoy cycling. It hurts and it’s hard.”

This stung the majority of the cycling community, who genuinely enjoy riding their bikes. They clearly hadn’t learned what it really takes to excel like Boardman.

But there’s a lesson about B2B web design to be learned here:

  1. If someone says B2B web design is easy, they’re probably trying to scam you. Internet marketers abound who love to discount the time, effort, and skill level needed to master web design. However, they do this more in an effort to make a sale than to explain reality.
  2. Successful B2B web design requires intense research and planning…and only then, execution. This is the web design equivalent of training. In fact, most of the work you do in order to create a high-performing B2B website will occur behind the scenes and off the site entirely, much like how the training of top-level athletes receives much less attention and fanfare than the competitions themselves.
  3. Successful B2B website design requires a wide-range of skills including content strategy, content creation, web design, web development, and specific skills needed for whatever CMS you choose. In other words, it’s hard!

In fact, the most painful B2B web design experience is when you launch a website only to realize that it doesn’t perform. Then you have to re-do the web design process all over again.

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you or your company!

Therefore, in this complete gold-medal guide on B2B website design, we’re going to share with you:

In this guide we’ll cover:

  1. How to plan your B2B website design using a content strategy and research
  2. B2B web design practices to give your site winning content, usability, and design
  3. What differentiates B2B web design from B2C web design
  4. Ecommerce B2B website design tips to make sure you accomplish your B2B business goals
  5. B2B web development tips to build your site with the functionality, speed, and security that will keep your site running smoothly and reduce the daily anxiety that something catastrophic might happen to your site
  6. How to pick the right B2B web design agency
  7. How to Submit a B2B Web Design request for proposal (RFP)

Let’s begin!


Ready to craft your own RFP?

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