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Top Graphic Design Trends In 2013

Graphic designers have a very challenging job. They need to constantly challenge their skills, keep up with the changing trends and push their knowledge to higher levels. Trends change all the time and every year brings something new. The year 2013 has brought refreshing changes in the graphic design world. The shift has been towards simplicity and visually soothing designs. In this article we will highlight the top graphic design trends in 2013

Color Trends

Whenever trends change, one of the most prominent modifications comes in color patterns. In 2013, colors have become flatter, bolder and brighter. The leading color of the year is emerald green.


The year 2013 also rings in fresher and cleaner colors that reflect spring.

Besides emerald, the list of most popular colors include greyed jade, dusk blue, Monaco blue, poppy red, tender shoots, African violet, honey orange, lemon yellow and pale pink.

Bolder and darker variations in these shades are also being used extensively. These include royal blue, clear sky blue, sunshine yellow, orange, brick red, deep purple and fuchsia.

Illustration instead of stock photography

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Illustrations are in. Greater inclination is seen towards digital formats of handmade illustrations. Use of stock photography has reduced significantly with the evolution of illustrations.
A major advantage of using hand drawn illustrations is that they are difficult to duplicate. Digital images, on the other hand, can be mimicked easily by using different software.


If you consider the many reigning trends, one aspect comes across powerfully – the shift is towards minimalism, clarity and uncomplicated patterns.

Geometric graphic design is a trend that has evolved in keeping with the current design preferences. Use of crisp, bold and well defined shapes is being preferred over abstract shapes.

Basic colors and shapes are in today.


Typography is the art of using different kinds of fonts to bring forth an emotion, thought, or point. In 2013, designers have begun to create and experiment with new and unique fonts such as Wisdom Script, Lobster, Langdon, and Sofia.

Top Graphic Design Trends In 2013

Google Web Fonts is a very popular tool today. Another trend in typography is the return of retro style scripts.

Retro style

Retro style Bellevue Graphic Designer
Retro and vintage trends have made a comeback. Although the exact motifs, styles and typefaces are not copied from the bygone era, modern designers have taken the basic principle of retro style, which is to ensure focus on the message to be conveyed. Use of retro type colors and typography has become popular today.


In 2013, designers prefer minimalism because it has a very refreshing quality.

Additionally, owing to the presence of white spaces, content becomes the prime focus of the page, which helps establish your point powerfully. Be it web design or graphic design, simplicity, white spaces and minimalism are definitely in trend.


Cinemagraphs are animated GIFs. They are back big time in 2013. They present a nice 3D effect to graphic design and have a greater engagement value.

The year 2013 has brought a wave of fresh change in the graphic design industry with these visually appealing and functional trends. If you are in need of help in your next graphic design project, we would be happy do send you a FREE QUOTE. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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