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Top Web Design Trends Of 2013

Trends in web design have undergone a lot of changes in the past year. 2013 is going to mark the dawn of a new era in web design with websites looking very different from the ones in previous years.

Responsive Web Design
With Internet enabled hand held devices taking over the world, you cannot deny the importance of responsive websites. These sites are designed to alter their layout depending on the screen size. They render with high clarity on all screens.

Minimalist design

Minimalism is in. Web designers have come to realize that less is more. Owing to their simple layouts, minimal adornment and clear content presentation, minimalistic websites have struck a chord with the consumer base as well.

Single page website design

Single page website design or infinite scrolling website has created a prominent niche for itself because it is user-friendly, less cluttered and offers a great interactive interface. Page elements are loaded dynamically as the user scrolls down. It is a virtually bottomless web page. Above is an example of a single page website we recently designed, see the website at work here. The website also includes many of the 2013 web design trends from this article.

Large Fonts

Although large fonts have been a trend in graphic design, they are a relatively new trend in web development. Web designers use large fonts to draw focus to certain aspects of the layout that they want to highlight. However, large fonts are only effective as long as they say something equally captivating.

Large Imagery

The web design industry has grown up to the fact that pictures speak louder than words. Large imagery has become a dominant trend in 2013. A single large image is used as a background and content is strategically superimposed to make a strong statement.

Color trend

In 2013, the inclination is towards the use of flat, bold and fresh colors in web design. Flat tones make the page come across strongly and are suitable for use in minimalistic design as well.

HTML5 and JavaScript replace Flash

Flash has become restricted to websites such as gaming and video portals that need advanced high definition graphics. Owing to long load times and incompatibility with iOS, Flash based websites have almost become history. Replacing Flash are HTML5 and JavaScript. These development platforms are more web-friendly.

Parallax effects

2D imagery has almost become passé, be it with television screens, movies, games or phones. 3D is dominating the world and this trend has passed on to web design as well. Parallax design creates a very close 3D effect by making different elements on the page move at different speeds.

Novel user experience

Gamification and Appification are two words doing the rounds in web design circuits. Gamification is the technique of converting the user experience to feel more like video gaming while Appification is all about providing an app like interface while using the website. Both these techniques are more engaging and provide a highly interactive user experience.


Visual storytelling is quickly catching up with the hottest trends of web design. Storytelling can be used for various functions. For instance, graphics can be used to portray the journey of a company as it built its products. You can also use a story line to portray how your products and services function.

Use these top web design trends of 2013 and make a trendy statement.  If you are interested in a FREE quote, please contact us here. See our Seattle web design services.

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