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What Top Web Design Companies Have in Common

4 min Read

What Top Web Design Companies Have in Common

Mike Sayenko

In any industry, there are always trends people seem to follow. When there are new innovative developments people will be drawn to them and they’ll start implementing these new changes into their businesses. It’s the same thing with web design.

There are traditional features that web design companies follow and then there will be new trends that seems to create more traffic to your website. While expert web design companies will move with the times, know that trends will come and go. Some stay.

With this ever changing industry, what do the top web design companies—and their products—have in common, so you know which one to trust?

Positive User Experience

Have you ever visited a website that was so difficult to navigate you left the page feeling frustrated? You probably curse the person who developed the website because it simply didn’t make your life any easier. Well, that’s the perfect reason to always use top web design companies.

Experienced web designers know how cluttered the internet is with information. Online users are always bombarded by information of which much is presented in a messy way. That’s why top web designers offer websites that are easy to read with effortless navigation.

A user friendly website goes a long way in creating a positive experience for online users. According to Jakob Nielsen, “The average page visit lasts less than a minute”. He states that users rush through web pages because they don’t always have time to read everything.

Too much writing and a busy layout can frustrate users. That’s why the writing on a web page must be concise and to the point, as visitors need to gather the information they need easily.

Top traits web designers use to create a positive user experience are:

  • Easy to read text
  • Creating contact details that are easy to find
  • Optimal design placement

Another positive aspect is the layout of a web page. Experienced web designers would never clutter a page. Which brings you to the next common feature web design companies use.

Neat and Orderly Layouts

Some people believe that there’s order in chaos. In the design world, the concept would only relate to the chaos you have to go through to design a neat and orderly web page. Afterward, the function will define the form. This means that the design of your web page should relate to its intended function. The most common trait top web designers have is creating clean web pages with no clutter.

As Paul Boag explains, “Whitespace is a fundamental building block of good design. It’s one of the first lessons any visual designer is taught. Many website owners believe it’s simply a waste of space that could be utilized to better promote their messages, services or product.”

A clean web page is a basic web design principle. Uncluttered web pages contain the following important features:

  • Proper grammar
  • Easy to understand language
  • Short paragraphs
  • Unique headlines

Top web designers always avoid fonts that are difficult to read. They remove background images that make the text difficult to read. Specialized web designers will utilize colors, images and content that fit the theme of your web design.

Creating Website Traffic

There’s not one web design company that doesn’t use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to create website traffic to your page. They integrate relevant keywords in every page and they create excellent quality incoming links for your website.

The use of keywords and backlinks are a top priority when it comes to web traffic. These SEO practices result in advances such as high search engine page rankings. More people will find your web page at the top of SERPs when using the keywords associated with your website.

Strategies to Retain Visitors

One of the trends that companies use to retain online visitors is to use tools that gather data for future marketing endeavors.

Web designers will need to place information on the website that will catch a visitor’s attention. This is done by offering visitors giveaways such as e-books, newsletters and access to certain parts of the website that can only be used by premium members. You can give something valuable away to a visitor in exchange for their contact details.

The strategy collects data from your customers so you can furnish them with marketing information in the future.

Creating Strong Brand Awareness

People use websites to learn more about your company and your brand. That being said this can either make or break your relationship between you and your customers. First impressions last so you’ll need a website that’s well designed to capture the attention of your visitors.

And since your website is the virtual face of your business, web designers will optimize your branding, starting with a brand logo design and the activities of your company to create positive brand awareness. They make sure that your branding is relevant to what your company can offer clients which includes:

  • Relevant logo designs
  • Patented color schemes
  • Establish a brand mission statement
  • Outline key qualities your company has to offer
  • Create a tagline
  • Form an elevator pitch

Using a website for brand awareness can be invaluable to your company. Specialized web designers ensure your branding is organized so that people will remember your company image. When people remember your unique brand it optimizes word of mouth referrals to your website.

Develop Mobile Device Compatibility

In today’s world browsing the internet isn’t limited to your desktop computer. Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are used by millions of people to access the internet every day.

A website that doesn’t load correctly on a mobile device could lead to lost revenue. It will be exceptionally difficult to navigate through the page. People are always on the move. So when they visit websites using their mobile devices the pages should load as accurately as it would on a desktop computer.

The number of people using mobile devices increases every day so your business cannot afford to fall behind on this key feature. Top web designers will always ensure that your web page renders correctly on small devices.

3 Benefits Mobile Device Compatibility Offers

1. Improves Experience

Have you ever received a link from a friend that navigates to a website and when you click on it the site loads with a bunch of jumbled words? No, don’t worry; you didn’t become dyslexic overnight. That is the result of web and mobile incompatibility.

Websites that are designed for all devices will improve customer experience. You’ll probably gain more traffic because more people have smart phones than computers these days.

2. Increases Browsing Time

A website that’s designed for mobile applications can extend the time a customer spends on your page. Some people have busy lifestyles so using their mobile devices is more convenient for them. A website that renders correctly will possibly keep customers reading your content for an extended time.

More website time definitely increases your chance of converting a web visitor into a customer.

3. Increased Web Page Loading Speed

As mentioned before time is limited to those on the move. Web pages that aren’t mobile compatible will either load extremely slowly or the pages won’t load at all. Studies show a website visitor will abandon a page if it doesn’t load within three to six seconds. Skilled web developers will structure a code that’s compatible for every mobile and computer application to ensure your page loads fast.

A faster loading page ensures you won’t lose your web visitors.

Final Thoughts

So, folks, it would seem not all heroes wear capes. Professional web designers were put on this planet to create killer content for your business. You’re able to sit back and relax while your website brings in hefty amounts of traffic.

You’ll also gain potential new customers quickly and hassle-free all thanks to your Seattle web design company. Just pick wisely.