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Improve Small Business Website Conversions and ROI

2 min Read

Improve Small Business Website Conversions and ROI

Mike Sayenko

Are you frustrated with your website? When is the last time you received business from your website? You are probably one of many small business owners that do not understand how to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into customers. Today I am going to give you some easy tips to improve your on-site conversions.

1. Build a Reviews Page on Your Website

This builds trust as users are not familiar with your small business or brand. The only way they know if you’re any good is based on what others are saying about your business. This makes your testimonials extremely important. A review is typically left on a website such as yelp, google plus, and Angie’s list. You can simply copy and paste the review onto your website along with the headshot (important), full name, and city/ state. You should always be building your online reputation on review sites. Typically after finding more about your business a user will type in google your business name + reviews to see if there is anything negative. If you do this right they will instead see positive reviews and this builds trust. This should be a very high priority item for all small business owners.

2. Talk About How You Solve Your Users Problem!

Home Page is your first impression – make sure you don’t talk about yourself! People want to know how you will solve their problems! Share how you will solve their problems with your product or service.

3. Why should I choose your business?

Unless you’re a unique start up product or service that is the first of its kind in the marketplace, your services and offering is likely similar to another business. You need to stand out from your competitors! This should be very clear and spelled out on the homepage as one of the first items. Don’t add generic text such as “we value our customers” instead use powerful wording that stands out. Some examples: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, Over a decade of experience, Lowest Prices in Town, Over 40 Five Star Reviews, Our Product can save your business $2,000 a year on business insurance. People are drawn to numbers, use numbers to show how you stand out from competitors!

4. Have a Strong Call to Action

This should be clearly visible on every page on your website. Unless you tell users what to do, they simply will not know. You need to direct them to the conversion page. This is typically a page with a form or contact information. Examples might be: complimentary consultation form, schedule appointment, contact us.

5. Use a Blog!

Think of this as your resource center. Leverage your blog as most people will find your website by searching for a topic you would be blogging about. Write about topics that solve people’s problems. The user will see how you can really help them. Think of frequently asked questions that people may have about a specific service (as blog topics). Without using your blog, you will have trouble ranking in google.

6. Newsletter Sign-up

Now that you have people’s attention and provide value to them, we need to find a way to keep in touch with them – until they are ready to come in for a visit.

Repeat exposure to your business is crucial, as 80% of buyers buy after exposure of 5-12 times. The key is for people to remember you. Doing the blogging, social media, and Search Engine Optimization content will get you there. However, you also need to build a database of emails to market to and remind them of you until they trust you, find you credible, and do business with you. Capturing emails on your website can accomplish this goal as you can in turn send out newsletters.

Have a form to collect emails to market to. You need to have something of great value you can offer the user in order for them to give out their email address. Some examples: an ebook that solves the users problem, a chance to win a drawing, or a discount on your first visit.

7. Track your results!

Make sure you install google analytics. A phone tracking system to see how many leads you received from the website and how many converted. I also like to use mouseflow to see video recordings of how users use my client’s websites (how to track results & adjust will be a future blog post). We then adjust the website content depending on usability. This way you can see how people are finding your website, how much time they are spending on pages, which pages are visited most, and most importantly why are some users not converting into customers.

For more strategic advice on improving your business website’s ROI, schedule a free consultation with our web design agency in Seattle. If you have any questions about improving small Business website conversions and ROI feel free to ask in the comments below or reach out to us directly at 206. 659. 8955.

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