What makes a successful Facebook fan page

Having a Facebook fan page is a popular and vital part these days for a social media campaign in today’s society. Most companies start Facebook pages, but soon see the page fail or virtually go stagnate. I will take you through the elements that a successful brand should create to build a large following.

Creating contests that involve participation

1. Your Facebook page should add value to the consumer, so that there is a reason to join the page and to keep coming back. A great way to do that is to get the consumers involved! Offering coupons and contests are a few examples.

2. Big Idea: Offering something enticing to consumers to join the fan page can help build a large community. Examples might be: free shipping, offer discounts, weekly deals, and coupons.

Targeting the Proper Demographics

1. Determine who you are targeting. Who does your brand want to reach? Anyone can use Facebook now so why not get involved yourself. When you have determined your target audience, search for the demographics within the search option. Also, it is KEY to find your competitors online. Go to their Facebook page and see who they are targeting. Make sure you reach out to them as well. You can personally invite your competitor’s followers to your Facebook page which will help you get more users quickly.

2. Not all Facebook pages will grow, generally because of Facebook’s demographics. Understanding Facebook’s demographics can help you determine if starting a fan page is worth the time. According to Quantcast estimates, Facebook favors towards female youths. Also, 53% of users have kids and a majority makes $60,000 plus a year. With this, there are still 50% college age users. While these are the current demographics, these stats are constantly changing, so check on the stats frequently for change. As Facebook evolve, your campaign might need to evolve along side it for maximum potential.

3. Big Idea: Some brands cannot expect huge followings on Facebook. Of course products that target the demographic most prominent on Facebook usually expect to have the fastest growth spurt. But any followers are better than none, even if that means four followers, who may end up being perspective clients.

Creating a Resourceful Page

1. Use the information on the page as added value that connects to the brand. Make the content on the facebook page a resource that people will want to come back to.

2. Big Idea: By having a facebook page you allow your brand to reach new demographic areas, outside the familiar consumers that already know and love the business.

Network with others

1. Building a large following takes manpower, meaning you need to connect with as many other networks as possible. Example: take advantage of free Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, MySpace pages and connect them to your home page. Don’t expect your fans to find you manually, most won’t, instead add a button from your home page.

2. Big Idea: Connect as many social networks to your brand website. This can help funnel potential customers throughout your brand.

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