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Be social, join us!

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We are becoming more social every day and figured it was time to join the frenzy. Check out our latest project, article, or just be social. These social networking sites help us keep closer contact with you, helping us interact instantly. “If I have something to say, I open up. Including a full range of tweets so people get to know me as a person,” said Mike Sayenko. Life is all about relationships, join us and all the fun on Twitter and Facebook.

To Facebook or to Twitter? What’s the difference, anyway?

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The recent changes to Facebook have left many saying the service is now much more like Twitter . While certain functions may act like Twitter, there are still major differences between the two websites. Many differences between the two services are superficial. Facebook is a large, robust social network that allows many types of interactions between users. Twitter, however, is simply a status update. These structural differences are responsible for cultural norms that require careful consideration. Image via CrunchBase In general, Facebook is a great way to strengthen your network with people you already know. Twitter, on the other hand, is a great way to grow your network and meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise. For example - you can easily interact with elected officials on Twitter. This is much harder to do on Facebook.