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Announcing Your New Website: Strategies for Effective Launches

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[1 min Read] Creating a new website is an exciting process that takes time, effort, and investment. But what happens after the website is developed and ready to launch? How do you ensure that your target audience knows about it and visits it?

More than an image: Web design with strategy

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Whether you are planning on designing your very own website or you are a seasoned web development professional looking to design for the first time, you must understand the purpose and use of your website design. If this step isn't taken, you will end up with a mediocre website that does not communicate well with your target audience. At Sayenko Design, we want to make sure you meet the goals of your audience while showcasing an aesthetically pleasing website design customized to your taste. It is crucial to understand the process before getting your hands dirty in code and design.

What Makes a Successful Facebook Fan Page?

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Facebook fan page is a popular and vital part these days for a social media campaign. Most companies start Facebook pages, but soon see the page fail or virtually go stagnate. I will take you through the elements that a successful brand should create to build a large following.

Why is Blogging Weekly Important? Blogging Strategy For Web 2.0

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In a previous article we went over Blogging Basics. Now we switch our focus to the importance of weekly blogging. Blogging is about sharing your interests, desires, and experiences with others. Your blog is the central hub from which you share those experiences with others. A blog could also be thought of as your article or news section of your website. Since, you want to share this information with as many people as possible, your blog should be visible on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Effective Communication in the 21st Century – Social Media

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In the past 10 years, we have witnessed a communication revolution. In a recent blog post on Flip the Media, Hanson Hosein, Director of the Master’s of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program at the University of Washington did a great job of summarizing this change: "Effective communication in the 21st century requires us to build relationships by telling our story and providing value-added content to online community platforms, quite often with inexpensive, amateur content creation and distribution tools. This approach reflects current economic and budgetary realities, as well as a need to engage people with entrepreneurial zeal."