Sayenko Design is a Global Web Design Leader and a Clutch 1000 Firm!

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Sayenko Design is a Global Web Design Leader and a Clutch 1000 Firm! The future is now, leading to the development of technologies formerly only possible in the realm of imagination. Technological advances have drastically changed the interactions between businesses and clients. To simply adapt to these changes is necessary to remain relevant. But the hallmark of a great business is the ability to leverage these developments to propel themselves [...]

Why is Blogging Weekly Important? Blogging Strategy For Web 2.0

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In a previous article we went over Blogging Basics. Now we switch our focus to the importance of weekly blogging. Blogging is about sharing your interests, desires, and experiences with others. Your blog is the central hub from which you share those experiences with others. A blog could also be thought of as your article or news section of your website. Since, you want to share this information with as many people as possible, your blog should be visible on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

CMS tools, what is it? Do you need it?

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If your similar to most people you have never heard of a Content Management System, short for CMS. This is critical to the success of almost every website, and yet many businesses and organizations are not familiar with this technology. A good question always comes up as we talk with potential clients on the subject.

Why Use CSS (Cascading style sheet)?

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A while back a potential client asked me, "Why should I use CSS?" I realized at that moment that while those of us who work with HTML and CSS on a daily basis are intimately familiar with the benefits, many are not. If you are one of those not aware of the full benefits of CSS this article will help you understand why so many people are switching to CSS.

More than an image: Web design with strategy

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Whether you are planning on designing your very own website or you are a seasoned web development professional looking to design for the first time, you must understand the purpose and use of your website design. If this step isn't taken, you will end up with a mediocre website that does not communicate well with your target audience. At Sayenko Design, we want to make sure you meet the goals of your audience while showcasing an aesthetically pleasing website design customized to your taste. It is crucial to understand the process before getting your hands dirty in code and design.

2009 Brings New Direction to Sayenko Design

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This last month has been exciting for all of us at Sayenko Design. We kicked off 2009 with an updated website and a new direction for our design firm. In the past, we offered many different services, but lacked the integration to make the most out of them. As we move forward, we will work hard to integrate these services to provide our clients with higher quality and more comprehensive web design solutions.