Website Branding Strategies

Unraveling Website Banners: What They Are and How to Use Them

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[4 min Read] Website banners are often the first thing visitors see when they land on a website, and they play a critical role in setting the tone for the user experience.

The Power of Banners: Top Reasons to Include Them on Your Site

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[2 min Read] When it comes to web design, the banner is often one of the first elements that come to mind. It’s a versatile and powerful tool that can help you communicate your message, capture your audience’s attention, and drive conversions.

Website Redesign Project Plan: The Ultimate Guide with Templates

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[13 min Read] So you’re thinking about redesigning your website—that’s great! A website redesign is a fantastic opportunity to improve on the form and function of your site, for both tangible and intangible benefits to your business.

How Good Web Design Helps You to Build Your Brand

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[3 min Read] Most people don’t realize how established their business can become if they utilize a quality designed website. Since we live in a digital age the only way to make your company consistently visible is by creating online content for your target market to see.

10 Rules for Choosing the Right Website Domain Name

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[3min Read}You want to start a business and need help with choosing the right website domain name. You have a few ideas, you have a name in mind perhaps, and now your looking to register a domain name to get your website started. I want to outline some tips in picking a good domain name that will attract visitors, enhance your branding and website.

Don’t Make Me Think, How to Communicate Effectively on the Web

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When it comes to web design, you want your website to be an effective communicator, correct? That means having your information clear and precise. The statement “Don’t make me think” refers to your website structure and how easily and quickly your audience draws needed information from your site. This should be a simple process for your audience or they may get impatient and leave, or get the wrong impression about your site.

Branding for small business – Do I really need it?

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You are a small business owner wondering about branding and what it can do for you. You are asking, “do I really need to worry about branding?” The answer is yes. We believe a majority of small businesses gloss over this essential part of business. There appear to be misconceptions about what branding really means. With that said lets start with the basics – what is branding?

More than an image: Web design with strategy

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Whether you are planning on designing your very own website or you are a seasoned web development professional looking to design for the first time, you must understand the purpose and use of your website design. If this step isn't taken, you will end up with a mediocre website that does not communicate well with your target audience. At Sayenko Design, we want to make sure you meet the goals of your audience while showcasing an aesthetically pleasing website design customized to your taste. It is crucial to understand the process before getting your hands dirty in code and design.

Web Design 102 – Creating a Professional Home Page

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[1min Read]The home page is your company’s face to the world. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s your business or a personal website. It’s the first impression to your visitors, why not make it a good one? More so then ever potential clients will look at your company’s website before doing business with you.

Graphic design trends going into 2012

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Here at Sayenko Design I always try to keep with the current graphic design trends, as any designer should. Through the years, design trends shift, just as fashion, interior design, or any other commodity that is heavily used by the consumer does. I wanted to highlight the top seven trends for 2011 and we’ll likely see in the next few years.