Hangry Kits has been delivering a variety of boxed snack packages to hungry customers since 2011. After significant growth on Amazon and Ebay, the client sought to establish an ownable selling platform that would allow them to sell direct to consumers. Doing so would improve the customer experience and increase business value. However, developing a website brought new challenges: the need to solidify Hangry Kits as a brand, creating functional ecommerce design, and building awareness to a new online destination.

Project Includes


1. Attract and maintain a varied customer base, particularly those seeking to send care packages.

2. Nurture leads by increasing followers and email subscribers at all levels of the marketing conversion funnel.

3. Build the brand via content marketing through a blog, and shares on social media platforms.


With a focus on these 3 persona types Sayenko Design developed a website strategy that included a conversion strategy, keyword research, competitor audit, messaging and content strategy.

1. Snack Packer
Customers who enjoy the convenience of boxed snacks

2. Snack Lovers
Customers who love to save on bulk snack purchases

3. Family/ Friend
Customers that want to send humorous care packages to friends and family


As consumers increasingly make purchases from their phones and tablets, it’s crucial for new websites to have mobile-optimized ecommerce capabilities. We employed minimalist, responsive design to create a buying experience that showcased products visually with a clear path to purchase.


Their ecommerce platform was integrated with ShipStation, an automated shipping solution that imports orders from multiple selling channels and allows users to print shipping labels. Integration for this project involved linking the company’s Amazon store and the new website, reducing the complexity of delivering their product.


Soon after the website launch, positive results started rolling in – 91 orders over the first two months! This new revenue channel has been a big boost for Hangry Kits, and has set them up for continued growth through an ecommerce platform they have full control over. We’re excited to work with them as they deliver more and more packages of tasty goodness to customers and their loved ones!


“I really enjoyed creating a content strategy around products that were lighthearted and often bought as gifts. Hangry Kits is a unique and fun brand, and I’m happy we could help them further expand in the growing delivered goods marketplace with this website.”

~ Nick Nielson, Strategist

“Hangry Kits team had great feedback and really helped refine the website into a strong brand experience. The design needed to highlight the brand as a fun, playful, and convenient gift box that bring people together. The site was well-received with rave reviews and feedback, and nothing makes us smile more than a job well done.”

~ Mike Sayenko, UI/ UX Designer

“I really enjoyed working with Hangry Kits and providing the tools for them to quickly manage content and be successful running the shop. A custom ecommerce shop is always a challenge, but it’s a rewarding one. The project was a win-win.”

~ Robert Parker, Full Stack Developer


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