In 26 years of business Washington Rock Quarries has grown from a small time aggregate producer to become a major supplier in the Western Washington region. Washington Rock operates two quarries and works on projects ranging from golf courses to professional sports fields.

Project Includes

The Challenge

1) Exposure to Residential Customers
Solution: Local search engine optimization to increase traffic from search results related to aggregate products in the South Puget Sound region.

2) Ease of Purchase
Solution: Create a new online product catalog to improve the process for finding products, selecting quantities and requesting quotes.

3) Increase Conversions
Solution: Website visitors are directed through graphics and content to fill out lead capture forms, and to place a call to sales or dispatch.

Website Strategy

The core foundation of success for Washington Rock Quarries centered around their target users –

(1) Residential Aggregate Consumer
(2) Golf Course Facilities Manager
(3) Athletic Field Facility Manager
(4) Commercial Aggregate Consumer,

With these 4 customer types as a background we created a user focused marketing strategy that included the following:

  • User Profiles

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Audit

  • High-level Messaging

  • Value Proposition


To better understand Washington Rock Quarries website goals we created wireframes and worked through defined user tasks and scenarios, from product inquiry to presentation and explanation of services.

Mobile-Centric Experience

Residential and Commercial visitors are often on the go and do so with their phone to plot their next move, and we took a mobile-first design approach for this reason.

Purchase Experience

We paired down a complex inventory of products with many variables by way of custom filters. This revised online catalog was presented in a image heavy format to make selection of product simpler and more accurate.  

The Results


Form Submissions

Washington Rock Quarries custom WordPress website has paid huge dividends. Soon after the new website was published, the positive results started rolling in, with 64 form submissions submitted over the first two months! The website is user focused, has strong search marketing efforts and since the launch has seen an increase both traffic and sales! We look forward to continuing the relationship between Sayenko Design and Washington Rock, and further supporting their online presence.

washington rock quarries website homepage beforebest construction website designs

“Our website has received increased traffic. In the month since it was published, we’ve received dozens of phone calls and 20+ form submissions from people looking for estimates. We even acquired a new client when they found one of our products through Google. I couldn’t be happier about how much the website has increased business.

The staff also appreciate that we can refer customers to the website for directions, product information, etc. It’s nice that all of our resources are in one easy-to-use format. I would say Sayenko Design was worth every penny.”

~ Eve Hart, Project Manager at Washington Rock Quarries, Google Review

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