Chugach Corp is a collection of indigenous tribes in a 5000 square mile region of Alaska, committed to sustainable growth and investment in their people, also known as their shareholders. Their family of companies provide government, facilities, and energy services to customers worldwide, and benefits to empower future generations of shareholders.

Project Includes

Website Goals

1. Speak to a diverse set of target audiences, including shareholders, employees, and the operating businesses of Chugach.
2. Increase engagement through storytelling that appeals to emotion by connecting the business to the full Chugach story.
3. Improve user experience (UX) with beautiful fluid visuals, intuitive navigation structure, and a mobile-first responsive design.
4. Make the site editable by non-technical teams at Chugach through implementation of the WordPress CMS.

Sharing the Cultural Story

The Culture and History pages of the site spoke to the shareholder and operating business audiences, helping connect them to Chugach’s storied history. These pages help set the “why” of their business.

We helped Chugach explain what they do in engaging ways through enhanced visual design optimized for rich media, like an easy-to-update gallery along with video and audio content.

Remembering their People’s Region

The tribes who make up the shareholders in Chugach Corp are intimately tied to their land, so to tell their brand narrative we created an interactive regional map. Interactive regional pins tell a story about each location, cementing the foundation of the corporation and its culture.

Connecting with the Community

We helped encourage the employee audience to highlight their experiences through a Community page, featuring stories of customer service, community involvement, culture, innovation, and more.

Creating Meaningful Careers

We integrated five job boards to display on one page through APIs, expanding the search capabilities across the business units and helping qualified shareholders find their calling in the corporation. This way, we could highlight success and empowerment stories and cement the company’s mission for every job seeker.

The Results


Avg session duration


Avg page views

We launched a website that builds an emotional connection with compelling storytelling, enhanced functionality, and modern web design infused with traditional imagery. User engagement improved across the board: average page views per visit are up from 1.4 to 2.1, and average session duration increased from 0:40 sec to 1:25 from 2019 to 2020.

old chugach website homepage Chugach Alaska Corporation new website

A Word from the Team

Nik Ramar Wordpress Developer Sayenko Design

The diverse set of audiences made this a fun project to tackle, making sure we didn’t miss anyone in the process. Adding content that really builds a brand narrative through storytelling techniques helped give the site a huge impact.

~ Nik Amar, Strategist

mike sayenko design

Chugach has an amazing culture and history, the site now reflects who they are clearly while maintaining an intuitive user experience with a great visual impact. Having the ability to work with professional visual assets really helped put this project together.

~ Mike Sayenko, UI/ UX Designer

Kyle Rumble Wordpress Developer Sayenko Design

Creating a custom front to back-end really helped Chugach make content updates a joy. The enterprise-level website needed a lot of love from page builder like flexible pages to various API integrations helped push our team to solve new challenges that we’re all proud of.

~ Kyle Rumble, WordPress Developer

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