Raymark Plumbing & Sewer has been serving households and businesses in the Seattle area for over 40 years with top-notch service, inventive problem solving, and competitive upfront pricing. As a family and women-owned business, they focus on customers’ needs, growing their employees, and supporting community outreach. Raymark – the plumber that plumbers call for help.  

Project Includes

Website Goals

1. Be informative, easy-to-navigate, and helpful to customers
2. Encourage customers to call in for help by demonstrating legitimacy, deals, and answering questions
3. Draw in organic traffic with useful, consistent blog & DIY content
4. Manage backend and control content independently
5. Capture lead data and run through a CRM for marketing efforts
6. Promote who we are, our values and community outreach programs

Website Strategy

The foundation of project success centered on targeting four unique personas:

Don represents all the would-be and actual handymen out there who wind up on Raymark’s site looking for guides and answers. For him, we provide guidance and information through the DIY section of the site – if he finds us useful time and time again, when the really big problems strike, he’ll know who to call.
Bella speaks for every dedicated haggler who is more than happy to argue price and tell us what the other guys are charging. She isn’t someone we can really “win” with, and even if we get her business once, she’s probably not going to stay loyal without additional coupons.
Frank is our new customer. Whether he heard of us before or is discovering the site completely organically, he needs help right now. He needs to find out what we offer vs. others, and what it’s going to cost him.
Carla needs a reputable plumbing company for her general contracting company. She needs reliable people, and because she’s coming at this from a B2B angle, she knows both price and value matter.

Lead Nurturing with a Resource Center

These are pages like our blog, the FAQ, and DIY articles, designed for self-service by our visitors. DIY Don may end up at the DIY section after going on the homepage, but over time these pages might rank well enough to get traffic first for the specific topics they cover, along with blogs. FAQ will be visited mainly by First-time Franks and Contractor Carlos who don’t feel they have enough information yet, from whatever page they’re on in their journey.

The Results


Increased foot traffic

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A Word from the Client

“The new site is excellent, with input from the Sayenko Design team ensuring that the end result was attractive, functional, and easy for users to navigate and stay on. They were good partners who offered professional, relevant advice, particularly with regards to SEO.”

~ Mary Pringle, Owner

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