The Invention Development Fund (IDF), part of the larger Intellectual Ventures organization, works with new inventors worldwide to help them bring their inventions from the idea stage through development and into the marketplace.

Project Included

The Challenge

IDF was seeking a website that would clearly present their value as a service to inventors, and invention companies, of all levels, while at the same time established a design and style that would differentiate themselves from their parent company to create a unique brand.

Website Strategy

Every website we develop is focused around fostering conversions, whether that be online sales, generating leads or providing information. For IDF, the greatest value to be had from a website was in lead generation. To meet this goal, the majority of design and content on the site was geared towards encouraging users to fill out and submit a lead capture form. This was accomplished through responsive design, clear calls to action and streamlined copy. But what good is a well designed website if no one can find it? To bring IDF’s target audience to the site we undertook keyword research and implemented our findings throughout the website copy, site architecture and metadata to create a lean, mean SEO machine. The end result is a website that sports high visual appeal, while targeting each level in the ‘sales’ funnel.

Persona Development

To better understand and connect with IDF’s target audience we developed
three personas that represented potential clients…

Novice Inventor

Corporate Stakeholder

These are business executives who are looking to self-improve their knowledge of the invention industry. This interest may not directly lead to sales, but they may play a significant role in the form of branding, word of mouth and referrals for IDF.

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Novice Inventor

Amateur Inventor

Just beginning to learn about sponsored invention, these individuals have goals of improving financial well being, social status, and/or bettering the world through invention. They are typically new to the IDF brand and the invention/patent industry.

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Novice Inventor

Seasoned Inventor

For these inventors patents and achievement are highly important, and they are committed to the culture of invention. They are typically recurring visitors and have previous exposure and awareness to the IDF brand and services.

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Core Website Elements

IDF wanted their diverse client base and sophisticated offerings to shine through in their website design Seattle. This was particularly important in the development of the case studies portfolio, which would serve as a way to connect with clients by demonstrating real world examples of the benefits of IDF’s services. From a marketing standpoint we sought to develop a portfolio that was congruent and spoke directly to each type of company – whether small, mid size, or multinational.

User-Focused Design

Once the groundwork architecture was established, the next task was to flesh out the experience of the website. Like most Sayenko Design projects, we worked to create a user experience that exudes a clean, modern, and professional feel. The site is highlighted by expressive imagery and dynamic HTML5 videos that tell a powerful brand narrative, which play an integral part in user conversion flow.

Personal Touches

Prominent use of background video instead of the typical banner image provided an immersive touch for new visitors. To provide a personalized feel to the website we featured images of key IDF team members on both the contact page and homepage, which helped to separate the site from typical corporate websites (which rely on stock photography). Additional graphic touches included a map illustration to reinforce global expertise.

Integrated Form

The ability for new inventors to easily sign up to IDF’s global inventor network was critical to successful lead generation on the new website. Sayenko Design optimized the signup process by creating a custom API form that synchronized directly with the Invention Network website. The end result was a faster sign up for users, enhanced conversion tracking, and an increase in new accounts.

Database Integration

In a major value add for IDF we were able to seamlessly integrate a large database of over 4,000 patents into the new website. The database is sortable, searchable and looks great on a mobile device. To maintain relevancy the database periodically checks for new updates in the company systems.

The Results

The IDF website project serves a prime example of the robust development process we take all of our clients through. We very much enjoyed working with their team and were inspired by their direction, feedback, and contagious passion, which allowed us to take an initial strategy and create a website that was both unique to IDF’s brand and highly functional. We are excited to continue the relationship as we now focus on search marketing and continually enhancing conversion optimization.

“Sayenko Design’s team employs a user-focused design approach – they made our vision into reality with a great user experience. The website has a clean, modern, and professional feel. Their smart design approach helps create a great experience for our target audience. The site highlights our case studies beautifully, which are an integral part of the user conversion flow. Lastly, we had several pressing deadlines and their team always delivered – all while being three weeks early on the launch.”

~ Nick Gibson, Head of Marketing, Invention Development Fund at Intellectual Ventures

“As a marketing consultant looking for a great web design firm, we reached out to Sayenko Design. We choose them to design our website because of the comprehensive forward-thinking strategic approach they offered. Not only did they design a beautiful new website that met our needs and design ideas/goals, but they crafted a strategy document that outlined business goals, website objectives, and personas. The team at Sayenko Design also provided strategy around goal conversions and helped determine the best keywords to target for each persona and to help our SEO. This laid the foundation to a great website – one that is focused on the ultimate goal of converting our visitors into meaningful business leads. We were really happy that they were also able to meet our tight timelines for a live site. Customer service was outstanding and they are very responsive.”

~ Alyssa Moore, Marketing Consultant 

Typical Project Includes

We’d be happy to take you through our discovery process, present our recommended solution, take you through our processes, introduce our team and show you some in-depth client reviews. According to Clutch, we’ve been selected #2 web design Seattle firm.

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