Defined Crowd provides high-quality enterprise training data to fuel AI applications and initiatives. Their fully customizable workflows in speech, NLP, and vision are designed to help companies reach their business goals quickly, easily and with guaranteed results.  

Project Includes

Artificial Intelligence website design

Website Goals

1. Communicate the value proposition quickly
2. Inspire crowd members from Neevo to engage
3. Qualify and capture lead information
4. Showcase marketing resources
5. Increase SEO ranking

Website Strategy

The foundation of project success centered on targeting four unique personas:

The core users use the platform to enhance their existing data or completely outsource data collection to make their jobs easier and their projects more competitive. They’re seeking evidence of efficacy, strong use cases, and something to prove worthy of any budget.
They want to see use cases, both that reflect what their division is currently working on, and what they might work on in the future, so they can determine future value adds. They want to learn about who DC is to see if its trustworthy, and who else has worked with them.
Investors are interested in the potential of your technology, and the company’s growth. Demonstrating your command over your existing market share on the main site, with excitable talk of the future in blogs and research.
Job Seekers are the engineers, coders, and designers who are interested in
future-facing careers with you. Excite them about your mission and guide them easily to the careers page to get their resumes flowing in.

Lead Nurturing With A Resource Center

A big part of the website is lead nurturing with great resources – Success Stories, White Papers, Videos, and the Blog on various SEO optimized categories such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Speach, and Training Data. The lead capture form is integrated with Saleforce for sales/ marketing automation.

Lead Generation with a Robust AI Data Catalog

The customer journey flowed through a catalog with advanced filters, leading lead users down the funnel with a shopping cart-like functionality to inquire about their wishlist of items.

Emphasis On Use Cases

Use cases by industry helps data scientists make a case to their bosses and decision makers on why and how they can potentially break in for an industry disruption.


About, Solutions, Career pages needed to bring out value proposition for job seekers who are engineers, coders, and designers who are interested in future-facing careers.

The Results


Conversion Percentage


Increase in Google Rankings


Increase in Organic Traffic

Website that builds that brand narrative of who, what, how effectively along with value proposition. High-end animation touch points highlight the user journey moving the customer effectively through initial touchpoint, interest, consideration, evaluation and qualifies them in the lead capture conversion.

Web Design Before & after Gallery Homepage - After

A Word from the Client

B2B Artificial Intelligence

“The site has received a lot of positive feedback. Although there has been very little promotion, there has been an increase in lead generation and SEO rankings are higher. The Sayenko Design team is very knowledgeable, and they were able to provide valuable recommendations that improved the site.”

~ Mark Bomber, VP of Marketing

A Word from the Team

Nik Ramar Wordpress Developer Sayenko Design

“It’s always a fun challenge helping a client sort its desired customers from its less valuable ones, without fully cutting them off. The amount and depth of the old site’s content required a lot of thought to organize, which meant really pushing a robust strategy to keep it easy to navigate.”

~ Nik Amar, Strategist

mike sayenko design

“DC’s challenge is to be a market leader in the AI space. The site needed to reflect this with high end touch points, interactions, and design treatments. Considering the various stakeholders and audiences was equally important. The end product was a cutting edge website with a high-end user experience. The site needed extra love and time to smooth out all the details. It’s rewarding to see the fruit of your labor finally launched.”

~ Mike Sayenko, UI/ UX Designer

Kyle Rumble Wordpress Developer Sayenko Design

“Lots of great lessons and things I learned and grew as a developer as part of this enterprise level WordPress website build. I enjoyed stepping the clients through the website training and getting everything in order for the site launch.”

~ Kyle Rumble, WordPress Developer

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