How do I update WordPress manually?

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Most required updates will be displayed in your WordPress backend. Login to your site and look for orange circles with the number of updates that need to be performed. You can do all of your updates at once by going to “Dashboard” (the first item in the left-hand sidebar) and looking for “updates.” But please, make sure to test your changes on a staging site first!

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Do I need to update WordPress?

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Yes, you need to update WordPress in order to keep up with important security updates.  Security patches are also released for old versions of WordPress, so, for example, it is possible to stay on WordPress 4 by updating your site each time a security update is released. See a full list of WordPress releases

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How do I find the best web design agency?

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The most reputable site is Clutch, they conduct phone interviews and write case study review about the project. You can get a great sense of the companies ability to deliver on clients’ expectations. They go over timeline, budget, goals, things that could be improved. Other sites that aren’t as detailed / good are UpCity, Google, Yelp.

How much does website design from the best web design companies cost?

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If you received 3-6 estimates for your website design project you can expect the best web design companies to be on the higher end of the quotes received. Professional web design cost for a quality product can range from $20,000 to $100,000. Use our handy free web design cost calculator to get a rough idea. For an accurate quote please schedule a discovery session with our expert web design [...]

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Is WordPress the best enterprise CMS?

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Being that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world makes it the ideal choice. It's cost effective, easy to use, has the ability to scale as the business grows, and has SEO optimized back-end. There is a large community of WordPress developers that can support most websites. Of course, you want to make sure you hire someone that has experience with enterprise, knows how to code, and can [...]