How to design websites for nonprofits?

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An established design studio offers nonprofits a streamlined process. It should incorporate the nonprofit leadership’s detailed desires while applying a deep, technical and artistic skill set to the task. The best nonprofit web designs reflect the cause to which supporters contribute, and why they subjectively do so, without burdening them in building the website.

How to design a nonprofit website?

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A do-it-yourself nonprofit website design must stay focused on moving the mission forward. All design elements should cohere together to impact potential supporters emotionally and drive them to engage and donate. This article explains a lot of the core principles for designing the visuals, user experience, and backend of a nonprofit website.

How should designers price websites for nonprofits?

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An effective web design studio understands that nonprofit websites involve the same core design skills with a humanitarian twist. A web designer committed to contributing to their community should ideally offer a discount that takes into account that a nonprofit is driven by mission and needs to preserve their budget.

Can a nonprofit claim design and website expenses?

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Nonprofits absolutely can and should claim design and website monetary expenses in their taxes. The accounting method and specific tax treatment will vary by nonprofit organization and potentially by web design expense. For example, you may treat the expense of a salaried employee writing article content differently than the up-front cost of a studio’s visual design.

How can we design our own nonprofit site without breaking the budget or hiring someone else to do it for us?

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To plan, create or find what you need for your nonprofit’s website and start the process of finding vendors, take time to: Figure out which aspects are better done externally in order to ensure quality and establish a budget. Decide on the scope and hire a web designer within that budget. Check out our request for proposal for website design template.