Which is better WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

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Hands down WordPress is a better choice when it comes to customization, web accessibility, ability to SEO optimize all content, and content management. Drupal is the second best option but it will be more expensive to manage and far less user friendly. Joomla is at the bottom of the barrel, on top of the advantages mentioned already Joomla is not well supported by professional web development agencies.

Is building a website DIY with a CMS the right way to go?

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This depends on your goals—if you have a very small budget, don’t drive a lot of business from your website, and don’t need it to handle any complicated functions, DIY with a good WordPress template might be right for you. But if you rely on the site for anything other than proving your company is online, or work in a competitive market, a web design agency is the right choice.

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Is website development a product or a service?

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While both WordPress and Drupal CMS platforms are products, web design and development is absolutely a service and your developer should be a partner. In general, a web design agency that is selling “productized” websites is pitching you a cookie cutter website that is not likely to address your business or brand needs, which will only lead to you needing a redesign in a couple years.

Can Drual and WordPress sites live happily together?

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If you have both Drupal sites and WordPress sites among your properties, even for one brand, not to worry. Many of the biggest companies do it. There’s one caveat: it is more learning intensive to maintain both kinds of sites for whoever is going to do it. If you have dedicated teams for each site, or a developer who can handle both for ongoing maintenance, then no problem.