How can I make sure my b2b website is secure?

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An entire book could be written on the topic, so we will only provide some quick wins here: Get good website hosting!  If using WordPress, you want “Managed WordPress Hosting.” Use a valid SSL certificate Use a firewall to block spammy IP addresses Enforce strong passwords Ban users who consistently fail trying to log in using the wrong password or username. Ban users who visit too many 404 pages If [...]

Do I need e-commerce for my b2b website?

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We will fire a couple big questions right back at you! (1) Do you want customers to be able to check out directly on your site with no prior permission or assent on your part?  If no, you probably do not need traditional e-commerce. (2) Do you have custom or fixed pricing?  If you have fixed pricing, then ecommerce may be a possibility.  If you have custom pricing, you may [...]

What is the best CMS for b2b websites?

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When it comes to a content management system, it is more about how you use it than which one you pick.  You will want to think about your budget, features you need, how often you will need to make updates, and of course - security. We believe that WordPress is a good choice because updates can be made easily by internal staff, it is affordable, can you can scale [...]

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Who should write the content for my b2b website?

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If you have a skilled marketer or sales person that can also write compelling sales copy, you could do the work internally.  However, many business to business companies will want to hire a b2b copywriter to learn their business, target audience, and write amazing web copy in their brand voice.

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How do I do SEO research for my b2b website?

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You will first need to start out with a list of idea keywords known as “seed keywords” that you think may be  good potential keywords for your business to business website.  Then, you need to go find the actual search volume for that keyword using SEO software.  A good software tool will also give you additional keyword ideas based on your seed keyword.  A good tool you can use for [...]

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