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I try to add value to local businesses by blogging about relevant topics to help with website results and online marketing. I also blog about the latest graphic design trends. If you would like me to touch on a subject, please leave us a comment below. I would love to help! We are a Seattle Web Design company with a focus on results through smart strategic marketing.

6 Must Have WordPress Plugins

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We have been designing WordPress websites for six years. Over time we figured out the 6 must have WordPress Plugins. These will attract more users, enhance your conversions, and hopefully lead to more customers. Contact Form 7 Very beautiful form that we love to use. A form is a must to help convert users into customers! Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. [...]

10 Rules for Choosing the Right Website Domain Name

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You want to start a business and need help with choosing the right website domain name. You have a few ideas, you have a name in mind perhaps, and now your looking to register a domain name to get your website started. I want to outline some tips in picking a good domain name that will attract visitors, enhance your branding and website.

How to effectively receive Yelp reviews and avoid the Yelp filter

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The best way for small business owners to gain traction for website leads and conversions is through positive reviews on trusted review sites such as Yelp, Google Plus and Angie’s list. One of the leading review sites is Yelp, and having a Yelp page is highly beneficial for most small businesses. The issue with Yelp is that they have a filter system that removes legitimate reviews and puts them in [...]

Improve Small Business Website Conversions and ROI

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Are you frustrated with your website? When is the last time you received business from your website? You are probably one of many small business owners that do not understand how to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into customers. Today I am going to give you some easy tips to improve your on-site conversions. 1. Build a Reviews Page on Your Website This builds trust as [...]

Top Graphic Design Trends in 2014

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As a graphic designer you are constantly challenged to stay on top of your game. To be a good designer you must be aware of the ever changing design trends. You add value to the client’s overall marketing by knowing the latest trends in fashion, color, typography, and design. Design trends change year to year. In 2014 the shift has been towards simplicity and visually soothing designs. In this article [...]

Top Graphic Design Trends In 2013

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Graphic designers have a very challenging job. They need to constantly challenge their skills, keep up with the changing trends and push their knowledge to higher levels. Trends change all the time and every year brings something new. The year 2013 has brought refreshing changes in the graphic design world. The shift has been towards simplicity and visually soothing designs.

Statistics show WordPress is King of CMS

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If you haven’t noticed, WordPress is becoming king on the web! WordPress is a free open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) to manage your website. WordPress boasts the biggest market share when it comes to content managment systems with 53.8% of all the CMS tools out there such as Joomla, Drupal, and others. In fact, 22 of every 100 new domains created in the US are running WordPress. Not only that, it completely dominates the top 100 blogs in the world.

What Makes a Successful Facebook Fan Page?

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Facebook fan page is a popular and vital part these days for a social media campaign. Most companies start Facebook pages, but soon see the page fail or virtually go stagnate. I will take you through the elements that a successful brand should create to build a large following.